Directory Opus 11 - Cannot send command to application error

Windows 8.1 Update 1 x64bit

After updating from Dopus 10 to 11, I have had problems. Frequently, Dopus crashes - it sends report back to you. In addition, clicking on a folder, on the desktop, for example, leads to an error: Cannot send command to the application and if I double click again, it then informs me of a memory error ie release memory when I have more than enough memory.

Double clicking on the desktop itself, to open the lister works fine.

If I alter the settings to Don't replace explorer, the folder opens in Windows Explorer.

Currently, I don't know what I can do to as all was OK in Opus 10.

I would be grateful for your help.



Crash reports are not sent to us automatically. If Opus catches a crash it will create a crash dump which you can zip and email to if you want us to take a look at it.

The problem with Explorer Replacement could be due to compatibility mode being set on the Opus program files incorrectly.

First, disable Explorer Replacement mode.

Then please follow the steps here to check that compatibility mode is not turned on for dopus.exe. If it was on, please turn it off, then fully exit Opus using File > Exit Directory Opus, then restart Opus.

You can then turn Explorer Replacement back on, which should apply the settings correctly for the version of Windows you're on.

Problems can also be caused if Opus is running as administrator, but it's less likely to be that if the Desktop double-click method is working OK, as that would usually be broken as well if that were the problem.

Thank you for your reply.

I have checked to ensure there is no Compatibility issue and it is not run as Admin.

I was unable to send the Minidump as it was rejected but I have uploaded as a rar.

Another piece of information. Since the update to 8.1, I was unable to use the Power Menu, nothing would load other than Run. I solved this by disabling the Tabbles shell. I do not know whether this shell problem is relevant.

I love DOpus but I can't work out the problem.

Kind regards,


[Crashdump removed just in case it contained any private info.]

I'm not familiar with what Tabbles shell is.

The crash dump indicates a crash in some .Net code. This code is not part of Opus, as Opus does not use .Net, and it indicates something on your machine has installed a shell extension written in .Net, which is against the Windows shell rules. That could be causing problems in Windows itself and other software as well, although it could be getting away with it (it doesn't always cause problems; it's just a really, really bad idea) and the problem may be elsewhere.

I recommend using ShellExView to disable all non-Microsoft shell extensions, check that all the problems (in and out of Opus) are gone, then start enabling them again to see when the problem comes back.


Using ShellExView confirmed the crash was the result of Tabbles - it did use .Net and have disabled 3 extensions. Thank you for your suggestion.

The other problem remains. If I double-click on the desktop, DOpus opens. If I click on a folder on the Desktop, I get the error message. If I right-click and use Open with DOpus. It works.

Any suggestions to trap the problem would be gratefully received.



Did the folder double-click problem still happen with all shell extensions disabled?

(You may also need to reboot after disabling them.)