Directory Opus 11 crashes on Windows 10 with right click on a file


After performing the free upgrade to Windows 10, Directory Opus 11 started crashing every time I right click on a file. It was working fine before the upgrade on Windows 7. The version of Dopus and Windows are both 64 bit. I uninstalled Dopus and installed it again, but this didn't help. When I right click on a file within Explorer the right click menu appears as it should, so the problem seems to be with Dopus and not Windows. I have the latest version 11.17 installed.

Please see the FAQ Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files.

Thanks. That was an older version of Notepad++ that was causing the issue.
My 2 cents though is that Dopus should not be crashed that easily. If the right click in Explorer brings up the menu and doesn't cause a crash, couldn't Dopus be made more resilient?

It is not Opus that is crashing, but the Notepad++ shell extension. Its code runs inside of Opus, and Explorer, and any other program that hosts shell extensions (which can include any program with a File Open dialog). Unfortunately, that is the way Microsoft designed shell extensions to work back in Windows 95 and Windows is still stuck with that design today.

It can and has crashed Explorer as well, but due to the nature of the bug it can be random what happens in different programs or on different computers.