Directory Opus 12.15

Directory Opus 12.15 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 12 users.

New versions are often made available several days before they will be detected by the update checker. You can download Opus using the links below if you don't want to wait.


Changes since 12.14:

This release includes all changes in the beta versions 12.14.1 and 12.14.2.

Additionally, these changes are new for 12.15:

  • Date formatting codes now support DD to insert the ISO day number (Monday = 1, Sunday = 7). D is also supported but was never documented - it also inserts the day number, but with Sunday = 1 and Saturday = 7.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause a Windows search initiated through the FAYT to be run twice if it returned very quickly.

  • Fixed problem in betas which stopped Full Path advanced filter clauses working properly.

  • Added a registry patch flag to allow the enabling of various elements of OneDrive support that are disabled by default in Windows 10 1903.