Directory Opus 12.17.5 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.17.5 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

This is an Opus 12 update. If you are using Opus 11 or earlier then you should not install this beta unless you want to upgrade to Opus 12.


Changes since the previous beta:

  • Fixed crash when attempting to load extremely large PNG files.
  • Fix for Rename dialog moving keyboard focus to the Mode drop-down shortly after it opened.
  • When using Tools > Map Network Drive, the Lister should no longer go behind another window when you finish using the dialog.
  • Fixed problem where This PC's + sign in the tree could disappear if you mapped and unmapped a network drive without ever properly expanding the This PC branch
  • The Thumbnail and Name columns now stay together if you switch to Details+Thumbnails mode and change folders.
  • Relaxed the rules about which characters can be used in the Rename dialog's New Name field. (Colons and forward-slashes, in particular.)