Directory Opus 12.21 won't copy a folder from my NAS

This is another weird one, which to be fair are the only real problems I have with Opus anymore. I have one particular folder on my NAS (viz., "T:\Setups\Gaming\Orbiter 2016") that DO will not copy anywhere. When I initiate the copy it starts, but then DO pauses on the first item for about 30 - 45 seconds before failing with one of two error messages.

If it tells me that the network connection cannot be found, then I have to restart my computer completely before DO will be able to access any of my network drives again. The weird thing about this case is that none of my other applications have any problem: I can fire up Windows Explorer right after it fails this way, browse my network drives, and copy that very same folder anywhere I want.

The other error message it sometimes offers tells me that the file can't be copied because it's already in use. In this case, I don't lose my network connections in DO, and I can restart the copy operation, but it will fail in one of the two ways each time after that as well. And again, I can open up Windows Explorer and copy the folder just fine.

I've been through dozens of restarts of the machine on which DO is running (under Windows 10 Pro x64 with all the latest patches) and a similar number of restarts of the NAS. None of that seems to make any difference. And DO seems to be handling every other task I throw at it without issue, so it seems very specific to that folder somehow. For the record, the contents of said folder (as a tree) are:

T:\Setups\Gaming\Orbiter 2016
+--Altea Aerospace XRSound
|  +  Altea Aerospace - Downloads.URL
|  +
|  \  XRSound-User-Manual.pdf
+--Jarmonik's D3D9 Client
|  +  D3D9Client for Orbiter.URL
|  \  D3D9ClientR4.6-forOrbiter2016(r1330).zip
+--Orbiter 2016 High Res_ Earth
|  +  Cloud.tree
|  +  Elev.tree
|  +  Mask.tree
|  \  Surf.tree
+--Orbiter 2016 High Res_ Minor Bodies
|  \
+--Orbiter 2016 High Res_ Moon
|  +  Elev.tree
|  \  Surf.tree
+  Orbiter 2016 Space Flight Simulator.URL
+  Orbiter2016.exe
\--Project Apollo
   \  ProjectApollo.URL

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

What kind of NAS is it?

It's a Synology Diskstation 415+ with all four bays filled. The NAS security and other scans show no issues, it hasn't logged any network problems or other errors, and this is the only problem I'm having with it. It strikes me as extremely weird.

Which is the file it's failing on? Can you copy that file by itself successfully?

Since my original post, I've dropped back to the latest stable version of Opus (12.21 x64 build 7478 dated 6/22/2020) and the problem has gone away. For the record, I was previously using the most current beta. I can no longer reproduce the problem. If you'd like, I will reinstall the latest beta for further troubleshooting.

That's definitely worth a quick try, in case it was some other kind of intermittent issue. As far as I can think, there shouldn't be anything in the current betas that would affect this, but if the issue does come back we can comb through the changes to see if any are likely to be involved.

I updated to the latest beta of Directory Opus a few days ago and have been trying (unsuccessfully) ever since to reproduce the problem. Now I'm not sure what was happening. I guess consider this issue closed for now. If I can reproduce it at some point, I'll re-open the thread. Sorry for the trouble, but it was 100% repeatable while it lasted. I hate these weird problems.

Just for sake of closure, I found the problem. A network security device (Firewalla Gold to be precise) was causing the problem. Reconfiguring the Firewalla in its router mode (rather than its simple mode) solved the issue. Both DOpus and my NAS were exonerated!

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