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Directory Opus 12.6.1 (beta)


Directory Opus 12.6.1 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

This is an Opus 12 update. If you are using Opus 11 or earlier then you should not install this beta unless you want to upgrade to Opus 12.



  • Added Go REBUILDTREE command. Equivalent to toggling tree off and on again.
  • Added metadata support for the IPTC/XMP Special Instructions field.
  • Added Favorites ALIAS command which lets folder aliases be added, modified and deleted.
  • Added Favorites command COPYTO and MOVETO arguments, which cause the generated list of favorite folders to contain commands for copying or moving selected files to your favorite folders.
  • Copy TO=ask and TO=ask$ now allow a default path to be specified, e.g. Copy TO=ask:c:\data.
  • The new advanced options custom_time_format and custom_date_format allow you to override the standard system date and time formats.
  • Pressing Ctrl-T in the Find-As-You-Type field now toggles the state of the fayt_firstchar_repeat advanced Preferences setting.
  • Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators has a new option to turn off the slide animation when a queued operation begins. The animation is also automatically suppressed when using Remote Desktop or if client-area animations are turned off system-wide.
  • The dialog for configuring folder thumbnails now has a Defaults button to reset just its settings without having to reset the whole Thumbnails preferences page as well.
  • Added compatibility with some incorrectly formatted BMP images.
  • The folder tab strip's empty space can now be clicked to activate that side of the Lister (unless the tab_click_nofocus Advanced Preferences option is on).
  • Clicking a file display's scrollbars will now make it the source in all cases. (Previously, this only happened for Details and Power modes.)
  • The Go FOLDERCONTENT command now accepts the useshell keyword to force the folder to be enumerated using the shell (to get shell ordering and display names).
  • Added Creator and Producer fields to the list of file display columns (currently these columns are only supported by PDF files - the metadata panel already supported them). You can also search on them using the Advanced Find function.
  • Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents now has an option to hide Creative Cloud Files from the Tree (only present if Adobe Creative Cloud is installed on the machine).
  • The Select ADVANCED command now allows the name of a saved filter to be specified to open the selection dialog with that filter already loaded. e.g. Select ADVANCED=MyFilter.
  • The Set Attributes dialog can now copy the various "document date" fields (created, edited, last saved) to the modification and creation time fields.
  • The "Save Tab group" dialog now displays an indicator in the drop-down list to show which tab group was most recently loaded.
  • The SetAttr META command now accepts usercomment as a synonym for comment.
  • Opus now displays a confirmation message before generating a context menu for a large number of files. The limit defaults to 1000 but this can be changed with the context_menu_max_files advanced option. Set it to 0 for no limit like before.
  • The Browse button in the advanced function editor now displays a drop-down menu letting you browse for files or folders, and also insert a folder alias or FTP site.
  • Updated 7z and UnRAR components to current stable versions.
  • Improved the behavior of the Preferences / Folder Tabs / Options / Preserve folder tree expansion when switching tabs option.
  • Improved the performance of the Browse for folder dialog when a network path is pasted into the path field.
  • Diacritics are now ignored when grouping by name (and other text fields). For example, Ábc will now group under A-H rather than in the Unspecified group. (Vista and above.)
  • Context menu items that showed up as a long "internal" string (e.g. @{Microsoft.Windows.Photos.blahblahblah}) are now displayed correctly.
  • Copying music file cover art in the metadata editor via drag and drop now works correctly (previously the copied cover art would not be saved to the target file).
  • DPI scaling is now applied to the positions of toolbars on shared rows and columns.
  • Improved alignment of drive letters when added to the corners of drive buttons.
  • Status Icons changes:
    • The Status Icons column now sorts and groups by the names of the status labels, so you can change the order by editing the names in Preferences. (Previously, the sorting/grouping of the icons was somewhat arbitrary.)
    • Added a small space between status icons.
    • Status Icon overlay in the full-screen viewer now moves down and out of the way when the toolbar is made visible by clicking the top of the screen.
    • The Status Icon column now shows "..." to indicate when there are more icons than will fit in the column.
    • Group names should now be correct when grouping by Status Icons which have their Show in Label column option turned off.
    • Fixed Preferences / Viewer / Appearance / Show status icons not working if the image viewer started as a normal window and then went full-screen.
  • A tab that has its loading deferred until tab activation will now correctly add the path to the history list when a sub-directory is entered.
  • The file log no longer truncates paths to 260 characters when saving it as a text file.
  • Added option to save the file log as a CSV file, and a "copy to clipboard" context menu.
  • Opus will now attempt to preserve zip file metadata (rating, tags, etc) when the archive is modified.
  • Fix for crash caused by the Windows 10 Creators Update which could happen at a random time after the credentials dialog was displayed for a network drive.
  • Advanced Find wasn't able to find labels that had their Show in label column option turned off.
  • The Go TABUNDOCLOSE command now preserves the tab color setting of the closed tab.
  • Fixed FTP login problems with SwiFTP android server.
  • A separator immediately following a Properties SETLABEL generated list of buttons was not displayed.
  • Keyboard accelerators (e.g. in Preferences) where the key in some non-English languages (e.g. Japanese) appears at the end of the translated label (e.g. xxxxxxxx (Y)) now work correctly.
  • Fixed issue with certain corrupt RAR files which could cause Opus to keep trying to open them instead of giving up on failure.
  • Fixed folder with a name like ::{018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6} appearing in Desktop if Opus was configured to show the OneDrive folder there but OneDrive was broken or disabled.
  • Fixed Synchronize tool not properly matching files between sides if special folders with localized names were below the starting point of the sync, and Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Display localized folder names was on. (e.g. If you synced the parent of the special Documents or Music folders, either having moved them to folders with different names or when using a non-English version of Windows.)
  • Fixed problems with labels in the tree disappearing when the label Preferences are edited.
  • The two default context menu items for files in a collection were not translated when changing languages.
  • If the file display format is set to group by Labels, the "collapsed" option now works correctly.
  • When using the Copy As function from a zip file, the "enter a new name" dialog continued to offer the first file's name as a default for second and subsequent files.
  • Fixed problem when copying out of zip files in flat view mode - only files in the root folder were copied, files in sub-folders were ignored.
  • Fixed shared rename presets from older versions sometimes getting numeric names when imported into Opus 12.
  • Copying files out of zip files now obeys the "unattended" settings correctly.
  • The Copy MAKELINK command now works from a file collection.
  • The SetAttr META command now reports when errors occur, and allows you to skip over errors and continue setting metadata on subsequent files.
  • The Preferences / Viewer / Appearance / Display full path option didn't work.
  • Scripting / Plugin changes:
    • Fixed DVP_LoadText plugin API.
    • Added FSUtil.GetErrorMsg script method to get (localized) plain text error message from an error code.
    • Added QuickFilter object (accessed via Tab.quickfilter property) which provides information on the state of the quick filter in the tab.
    • The DOpus.Strings.Langs property can now be dereferenced directly (e.g. DOpus.Strings.Langs(0) now works).
    • Added DOpus.Strings.HasLanguage method to test if a particular language is included in the string resources.
    • Added Item.shortpath, Path.shortpath and Path.longpath properties.
    • Clicking the Abort button in a progress dialog obtained via the Command.progress property no longer aborts the script (instead, the abort event can be polled for via GetAbortState as documented).
    • The Aliases.Add script method now correctly updates the Aliases object when replacing/modifying an existing alias.
    • Reading the label property of a Control object referring to an editable combo box now works correctly after the dialog has been closed.
    • The minimum value setting for a numeric edit control was being ignored unless the maximum value was also set.