Directory Opus 12 Flat AEicon Set v1.0

by Christoph 'AEon' Loewe (c) 2018

This collection of icons based on and expands the Internal Icon Set (Flat) for Opus 12 by Cris van Minnen. Also used his Directory Opus Basic set.

The 207 icons exist in large (32x32 pixel) and in small (22x22 pixel), have unique icon names, with informative display names (see the Tooltips in the Select Icon dialogue). Furthermore the icons have been sorted into categories.

  • I also added a few "redrawn" icons for UltraEdit, Notepad++, FireFox, Irfan View, and the "Eye" from an Opus 8 icon set.
  • Since Opus' internal viewer also sports a configurable toolbar, the Menu Bar, a whole slew of "viewer" icons have been created. See the demo collage image below on where to use those icons.
  • I included a large set of SetAttr attribute icons as well.

Icon Set Download:


  • Download the attached dis file.
  • Place the dis archive into your
    C:\ProgramData\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Icons\
  • In Opus, open Settings menu - Preferences....
  • In Preferences, go to Toolbars - Icons.
  • Click on the Import button, or press Alt+P.
  • Browse to and select the Opus12AEiconsFlat.dis file, and click Open.
  • Move this icon set to the top, right above the Internal Icon Set (Flat) for this new icon set to take precedence (optional).

Version history:

  • v1.0 (2018-06-11): 207 large & 207 small Flat AEicons for Opus 12.

Viewer Icon Set example usage:


  • Since I am presently in icon creation mode :)... if you are missing icons you would really like (within reason), or find any issues with the existing icons, post that in this thread. Thanks.

So, does this icon set contain 207 additional icons in the same style as the Internal Icon Set (Flat) for Opus 12 by Cris van Minnen, or are there repeating ones?

I like this style and will probably create a few icons myself too, if I can't find any fitting ones for my buttons. Would you consider adding these to your icon set as well? Because adding a third icon set for a few icons I make myself would just make things more complicated.

These icons are all additional ones, no repeats. In some cases very slight variations of the originals, in other cases slightly more modified, trying to imitate the originals.

Trouble is, it has been 5 years since I last looked into the matter of creating such icon sets... I would recommend you create your own set, and credit yourself. With our modern computers the use of another icon set should not be a problem resource-wise.

Good luck with your icons.

Of course, 5 years is a long time. Anyway, thanks for sharing your set, I've installed it now in addition to the original one.