Directory Opus 13.0.38 (Beta) now available

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates or download manually.

  • Fixed evaluator columns not getting external metadata properly (broken in previous beta.)

  • The Evaluator Groups preferences page can now be sorted.

  • The Evaluator Columns preferences page now remembers the last sort order used.

  • In the function editor, added Shift+F5 as a hotkey for "Run with logging".

  • Fixed flatview -> grouped folders losing their children if their position in the list changes in some cases (e.g. sorted by date, when the folder date changes.)

  • Folder types in lists like Prefs / Folders / Folder Images are now sorted correctly.

  • Simplified find/sync/dupe exclusion list syntax - specifying an absolute path without wildcards now works.

  • The latitude, longitude and coords columns now return meaning values to the evaluator.

  • Functions that use {= =} to insert evaluator results that rely on the "file" value now work.

  • Fixed keyboard movement in grouped List mode (and grouped Tiles vertical layout.)

  • Fixed grouped list mode showing gaps when scrolling right.

  • Changing a folder to use a favorite or content type format no longer clears the auto-remembered format (instead, that format will be auto-remembered like any other manual format change).

  • A library that contains a cloud storage folder (as its default location) will now trigger the default Cloud Storage folder format. Other libraries will now trigger the default Local Drives folder format