Directory Opus 13.0.42 (Beta) now available

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates or download manually.

  • Added several math functions to the evaluator: Abs, Floor, Ceil, Round, Sin, Cos, Tan, Atan, Pow, Sqrt, Cbrt, Hypot, DegToRad, RadToDeg. pi is also predefined as a value.

  • The values of {= xx =} evaluation clauses used in the Rename dialog are no longer automatically processed to remove illegal filename characters; instead, the return value from the clause is inserted verbatim into the string. This lets them generate file paths. The evaluation clause itself will need to use the MakeLegal() function to perform this processing if necessary.

  • Headings in the viewer's info overlay (F10 key) now use bold text.

  • Video metadata: Video and Audio bitrates are now reported if the actual bitrate is unknown but a nominal bitrate is known.

  • Prefs / Favorites, and Add To Favorites dialog, now support filename editing hotkeys (Ctrl-U for uppercase etc.) in more places. F2 on a heading will now edit it as well.

  • Fixed Rename not being able to use shell properties.

  • Fixed Release Date not populating for some .MOV videos.

  • Fixed miscalculation of button widths where labels ended in backslashes.

  • The column helper popup menu in the Rename dialog now supports scrolling if the list is too long for the screen.

  • Script columns listed in the helper popup menu in the Rename dialog are now sorted alphabetically.

  • Fixed crash in metadata panel when adding tags in some cases.

  • Fixed Opus 13 beta installers being left in the temp dir.

  • Fixed date/time field in filters changing units from e.g. weeks to minutes when set to "within".

  • Temporary collections used for quick search results are no longer added to the Automatic Formats list in Preferences if their folder format is changed. (Since these folders are temporary it doesn't make much sense saving their formats.)

  • Hiding drives via the "NoDrives" or "NoViewOnDrive" File Explorer registry policies now affects the folder tree without a restart. (Due to limitations of the OS itself, revealing a drive which was previously hidden still requires a restart for the folder tree to update.)

  • "NoDrives" and similar File Explorer registry policy settings now work for both REG_DWORD and REG_BINARY data (provided the binary data is 4 bytes).

  • When notify_debug is on, additional information about which paths are being watched is now logged.

  • Fixed no separator between Undo menu and Lister Context Menu if the Undo menu was empty. (And similar combinations of dynamic menus.)

  • Fixed crash from folder tab context menu if a command in the menu had an empty line in its function definition. (Submitted Crash ID 104)

  • Possible workaround for crash ID 102 & 103. (Windows bug we've been unable to reproduce locally, where the Toolbar Icons ListView control crashes on mousewheel.)

  • Added extra argument checking to MTP code. (Crash 106)