Directory Opus 13.0.49 (Beta) now available

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates or download manually.

  • Added "Thumbnail size" option to Thumbnail Styles system. Lets you choose how the folder image is scaled in a merged thumbnail - fit, fill or stretch.

  • Scripting DOpus.GetClipFormat and Evaluator GetFormat can now be asked to differentiate between cut and copied files on the clipboard. See their respective manual pages for details of each.

  • Scripting FSUtil Exists, GetType and PathType methods should no longer trigger password prompts if given a path involving an encrypted archive.

  • The evaluator now supports ++ and - pre/post increment/decrement operators

  • Thumbnail Size sliders on Location Bar toolbars now only affect the side they are attached to, by default. They can now also be given arguments to specify which side(s) they act on, similar to the command for changing thumbnail size: both, source, dest, left, right.

  • Customize / Commands list now has entries for image converter presets, empty space secure wipe, and the theme tester.

  • Prefs pages under Colors and Fonts now add items to the hamburger menu (top right) to toggle Dark Mode and open the Theme Tester.

  • Split dialog shows a tip with allowed size suffixes the first time the size field is clicked.

  • Preferences now has a Toolbars / Scripts page again, with a link to the new Script Management dialog. This helps people used to, or following instructions written for, old versions. A checkbox on the page lets you hide it from Preferences.

  • The "Windows RTF" viewer now opens a temporary copy of files by default, since Microsoft broke their own rules about preview handlers not locking files.

  • Fix for crash 118, 120/121

  • Possible fix for crash 116/117

  • Possible fix for crash 119

  • Possible fix for crash 115

  • Possible fix for crash report dopus.20231117.084726 (galaxyhub)

  • Possible fix for crash report from Thomas Maier

  • Fixed some Explorer Replacement methods not working inside Visual Studio.

  • Fix for some FTP servers and large file sizes in directory listings.

  • Fixed Content Type dropdown on toolbar not reacting to mousewheel.