Directory Opus 13.0.52 (Beta) now available

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates or download manually.

  • Added RUNINPANEL argument for Find SYNC and Find DUPES. Lets you use the command both to configure the panel, and kick off the search automatically.

  • Combining GROUPCOLLAPSE=on with the Set GROUPBY=grouplist command now works

  • Added Script.UpdateFAYTFlags() method. Lets a script add-in modify a FAYT extension's flags.

  • The Script.Labels() function can now return per-folder wildcard/filter labels as well as global labels affecting the file. Note that per-folder content type and folder type labels aren't supported.

  • Fixed image conversion preset not respecting the "rename" setting when running non-interactively from the context menu

  • Fixed evaluator columns showing their "header" name rather than their full name in the Folder Format dialog

  • Fixed problem using icons from exe/dlls from network drives via a UNC path

  • The rules used for scaling external toolbar button images now matches the default icon set (and doesn't scale for 125% DPI).

  • The "Search Results" default folder format is now used for stored queries (fix for incorrect behaviour in 13.0.51)

  • Label fields now respect @hideblocks

  • A Go BACK (or Go FORWARD) button with an empty tooltip field no longer shows "Go to &Back" in its tooltip

  • If a @label dynamic label goes through to be shown in a button's tooltip, it now supports markup

  • Added button to About dialog that opens update checker.