Directory Opus 13.0.53 (Beta) Build 8752 x64 is showing blank icons

After installing Directory Opus 13.0.53 (Beta) Build 8752, many of the icons in the right-click context menus show blank/white icons instead of the proper icons. Directory Opus 13.0.52 (Beta) did not have this problem.

To confirm, I reinstalled Directory Opus 13.0.52 (Beta) - the icons are all displayed correctly:

Likely related to what's being discussed in Icon index in the toolbar change in beta 52

Hi, I also have missing icons in my context menu when right-clicking on a file or folder in DOpus. I never really noticed it before, but I reverted to betas .52 and .51 and the issue remains. I'm currently on .54 with the issue.

There are no missing icons on the initial FE right-click context menu, but there are icons missing when selecting "Show more options". Is it therefore more likely to be a Windows issue?

Directory Opus 13.0.54 (Beta) Build 8753 x64
OS 10.0 (B:22621 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0 (Windows 11 Pro)