Directory Opus 13.0.53 (Beta) now available

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates or download manually.

  • Added Properties POSITION argument, lets the position of the Properties dialog be controlled.

  • Fixed Favorites Bar not updating properly when dragging a favorite folder into a branch

  • Right-click on the file display's scrollbars now shows the standard system scrollbar context menu

  • Various script dialog controls no longer autosize on creation, so they preserve the size set in the dialog resource (same as Opus 12). The new Control.AutoSize method can be used to autosize these controls at runtime if needed.

  • Scripting: Item.metadata no longer returns "doc" for all files/folders, but only if there is explicit document-type metadata found

  • Up from the filter bar's filter field now opens the filetype menu automatically. It also supports Shift+F5 as a hotkey to open menu.

  • Multi-selection menus now auto-close when Shift+Enter is pushed

  • The "New Favorites Branch" dialog from the favorites bar now filters the branch name the same as in Preferences (e.g. slash characters aren't allowed).

  • Fixed script dialogs being unable to save their positions if any tab controls with child dialogs were in use

  • Folder Images should now correctly use the configured image for "Search Results" in a stored query collection

  • Fixed problem with buttons in sub-menus that use icons from dll/exes not loading their images properly