Directory Opus 13.0.56 (Beta) now available

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates or download manually.

  • Fixed copying out of a collection when the chosen file was directly below an archive.

  • Added "Select None" to Customize / Commands list for convenience.

  • Fix for program icon reverting to placeholder after adding to the toolbar and clicking OK on the launch options dialog

  • The aperture and fnumber fields in the metadata pane now display the same data as the columns in the file display. Both now use a precision of two decimal places.

  • Added Dialog.AutoSize() method, which lets a "manual" dialog resize be triggered. May be needed if any autosize controls have had their sizes changed at runtime. Script dialogs call their own AutoSize() method automatically before they are shown for the first time.

  • Evaluator IsSet() and Val() functions now work with variable names beginning with a digit.

  • Fixed "ignore prefixes when sorting" option in Preferences.

  • Fixed Power Mode's delayed context menu not being cancelled after e.g. double-clicking to open an image in the viewer.

  • Fixed occasional crash when filter labels used the evaluator (ID 136/137)

  • Possible fix for crash 135