Directory Opus 13.0.58 (Beta) now available

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates or download manually.

  • Fixed viewer command bar using the wrong font size.

  • Possible fix for update downloader hanging at the start of the download occasionally

  • Fixed rare crash when using context menu "edit alongside default" function (ID 139)

  • Fixed UI not resizing for long strings in a couple of places (Folder Format / Sorting, FTP/script floating log)

  • Copying one of the default inline rename control key definitions to the clipboard no longer copies its "default ID", meaning when it's pasted back to the list it no longer overwrites the default entry

  • Fixed incorrect icon in context menu if registry icon definition was quoted

  • Fixed error with drag and drop into an expandable folder that could cause the moved/new file to be sorted incorrectly

  • Evaluator - improved error checking in a couple of places