Directory Opus 13.1.1 (Beta)

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates or download manually.

  • Fix for "DOpus 13 compatibility with Windows Server 2016" issue

  • Fix for crash ID 149/150

  • Possible fix for crash ID 148

  • Possible fix for crash ID 147/151

  • Possible fix for crash ID 146

  • Possible fix for crash ID 145

  • Fix for crash ID 143

  • Added Prefs / Misc / Advanced / Troubleshooting / crash_handler flag, which lets the custom crash handler be disabled if needed.

  • Added limit on how often the crash handler process will be restarted if it is killed or fails to start repeatedly.

  • When factory-resetting Preferences / File Displays / Title Bar, the Custom Title string is now set to the initial default rather than cleared. Also improved the default slightly.

  • Improved default colors for "legacy Office-style toolbars", if turned on.

  • Fixed "legacy Office-style toolbars" colors not being imported from Opus 12 configs.