Directory Opus 13.1.2 (Beta)

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates or download manually.

  • In the button editor, fixed popup argument menus disappearing if the mouse moved over the editor toolbar behind the menu.

  • Fixed search field autosearch not working when the history suggestion list was open (it now only prevents an auto-search if the cursor up/down keys have been used to select entries in the list).

  • Fixed file changes not being detected in expanded folders on network drives.

  • Fixed keyboard navigation in drop-down menus off the location bar not working properly.

  • Increased long_operation_notify_time default to 5 seconds, and it is now used (doubled, with a minimum of 10 seconds) as the timeout for reading directories. This should help with sleeping HDDs which take a long time to spin-up, and can be increased via Preferences if particularly slow hardware requires it.

  • Fixed standalone viewer freeze if you used Back or Forward mouse buttons to change files while using some third-party viewers.

  • Fixed newly created files not appearing when in Flat View -> Mixed No Folders mode.

  • The path field in the wildcard folder format editor now has a help menu.

  • Fixed context menu appearing (wrongly) for the Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats / Default Format group.

  • The Go EXPANDBRANCH=collapse command (bound by default to Alt+Up) now automatically collapses the parent branch if the currently selected item is a file or an already-collapsed folder. Add the noparent argument to disable this new behaviour.

  • Added Go EXPANDBRANCH=clearselect argument; when used with collapse, causes selected items in collapsed branches to be deselected automatically.

  • Fixed issue reading/setting metadata in some file formats with paths > 260 chars in length.

  • Fix for wildcard folder formats not matching lib:// paths correctly.

  • Fixed issue with Favorites branches that contained ':' characters.

  • Fixed the option to reset to the default dark colors when updating an old configuration with dark colors. Previously, this didn't do anything and left the dark colors as they were from the old config. If you're already converted your config, you can achieve the same result by loading the Default Dark theme in Preferences.

  • Added more extensions to the Video & Audio plugin's fallback list. This should help on machines where the extensions aren't correct in the registry or file type groups.

  • Possible fix for crash ID 153/155.

  • Fix for crash 154 (script calling GetShellPropertyList without assigning the result to anything).

  • Fix for crash ID 156.

  • Fixed crash resizing a script Blob to 0 bytes.