Directory Opus 13.4.1 (Beta)

To download, use Help -> Check for Program Updates (assuming you have checking for beta versions enabled in Preferences), or download manually.

  • Fixed MultiView plugin config dialog colors in dark mode.

  • Fixed Image command requiring PRESERVEASPECTRATIO=no to turn off aspect ratio preservation, rather than doing so if the argument wasn't specified at all.

  • Case-only renames of FTP Address Book sites are now allowed.

  • Workaround for QSpice .qsch and .qsym files being treated as JPEGs because they start with the JPEG header.

  • When using FAYT range selection, the Index column will now be added as soon as the # character is typed, without having to start typing an index number.

  • File display background events now work with more Power Mode button configurations.

  • Fix for Explorer Replacement when asked to open folders and select a file, when applied to folders below the user profile (e.g. Documents, Downloads). The file should now be selected, and the requesting applications should no longer be delayed.

  • Fix for crash ID 214

  • Fixed crash dragging from external program to a folder button on a floating toolbar when no other Opus windows were open. (ID 216)

  • The Set FULLROWSELECT command can now specify "display" again for the "always highlight full row" option, if it ends up turning off full-row selection itself. E.g. Set FULLROWSELECT=toggle,display

  • Fixed regression in 13.4, keyboard accelerators in dual-display listers would always trigger buttons on the left file display toolbar instead of the side with focus.

  • Fixed minor cosmetic issue with toolbar fields when dragging toolbars around.

  • Made the spacing around icons in dropdown menus a little tighter

  • Fixed evaluator KeyDown() function not working when called from a button