Directory Opus 13.5.1 (Beta)

Please note: This is a beta release. It may be unstable and not all text may have been translated yet. Use at your own risk!

To download:

  • Use Help > Check for Program Updates (assuming you have checking for beta versions enabled in Preferences), or
  • download manually.

Changes in this release:

  • The Duplicate Finder can now match files based on the value of a selected column (optionally also on name/size). This lets you use script/evaluation columns to completely customise the duplicate matching process.

  • In Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents, Desktop folders can now be positioned in the folder tree relative to special folders like This PC etc (rather than always appearing at the top of the Desktop branch). You can also turn them off altogether if desired.

  • Script configurations can now use floating point values. The new config_types property lets you provide a map of config value -> type (this lets you mark a value as a float even if its default is zero or a whole number). Valid types currently are "float" and "multiline". You can also specify the number of decimal places, e.g. "float:3".

  • In the context of buttons and menus, the evaluator is now given the value selpath which provides the full pathname of the currently selected file. In a Lister this means the selected file with input focus (e.g. the file you right-click on). In the viewer this means the currently viewed image. This lets you use @label in a context menu or submenu to incorporate the name of the selected item in the button label.

    Note that toolbars in the Lister are not necessarily always refreshed when the file selection changes, and so a button on a toplevel toolbar using this may not always show the correct information.

  • If inline rename is active and you right-click the folder background, the context menu that opens now is for the folder background, rather than the file which was being renamed.

  • When editing toolbars, if you open a sub-menu by dragging something over it, the menu will now remain open. This allows you to edit what you just dropped, or drag in more items. When dragging an exe file, it and also fixes the Launch Options dialogs being pushed behind the lister.

  • This PC's "physical drive" column now counts from 0 instead of 1, for consistency with the Windows Disk Management UI.

  • Fixed the Search Field not saving/remembering the search engine if it had invalid/obsolete data in its "args" field.

  • The Prefs BACKUPRESTORE command, for showing the Backup/Restore UI, now respects the TO, DESC and PASSWORD args to pre-fill parts of the dialog again.

  • The Prefs BACKUPRESTORE command now allows the default page to be set, e.g. Prefs BACKUPRESTORE=restore opens up the dialog showing the Restore page rather than the Backup page. Prefs RESTORE and Prefs BACKUP with no other arguments also do the same thing.

  • Fixed @icon command modifier when testing variables with + or - in their names.

  • Hashes are now returned for empty files again.

  • Custom column header colors for sort and frozen columns now work better when visual styles are not available.

  • Header frozen and sort colors now show examples in Preferences.

  • Performance improvement to reduce delays when selecting exe files on a slow network drive with a slow antivirus (e.g. Windows Defender).

  • Fixed interaction between ghost files and manual sort. Dragging a file to a specific location in the destination file display wouldn't work properly if a ghost file was shown for the new file.

  • Textual filters that use an evaluation clause that uses an evaluation column that uses an in-built metadata column now work.

  • Better fix for items in hidden expanded folders staying hidden after their parents were shown.

  • Script dialogs can now specify font size zero to get the user's dialog font size. This is now also the default.

  • Scripting fix for assigning different set object types to each other.

  • Scripting Dialog.icon property now works after dialog creation as well as before (without needing to set it twice).

  • In scripting, Item.highlighted now returns correct information for files in libraries