Directory Opus 13.5.2 (Beta)

Please note: This is a beta release. It may be unstable and not all text may have been translated yet. Use at your own risk!

To download:

  • Use Help > Check for Program Updates (assuming you have checking for beta versions enabled in Preferences), or
  • download manually.

Changes in this release:

  • Set FONTSCALE can now take the optional quiet parameter to prevent the message about font scaling popping up.

  • The use_color_management advanced Preferences setting can now be set to Primary Monitor to force the use of the default color profile (as well as sRGB, or an external .icm file)

  • Improved behavior of home, end, page-up and page-down keys when the first/last item already has focus but was scrolled out of view using the mouse.

  • Refreshing the folder tree no longer fully expands branches leading to the current folder if automatic content population is turned off.

  • Fixed descript.ion files not working on drives mounted via folder junction points.

  • Fixed tree pin overlapping label at times.

  • Fixed YCCK JPEG images not color mapping properly.

  • Fixed some types of IFF ILBM images not rendering properly.

  • In the standalone viewer, closing the metadata panel now refreshes the toolbar in case any buttons need to change their state.

  • No longer identifies YCCK jpegs as CMYK in the metadata panel.

  • Fixed licence manager showing incorrect licence count.

  • Fix for crash while closing thumbnail mode window (ID 260).

  • Possible fix for crash ID 259.