Directory Opus 13.5.3 (Beta)

Please note: This is a beta release. It may be unstable and not all text may have been translated yet. Use at your own risk!

To download:

  • Use Help > Check for Program Updates (assuming you have checking for beta versions enabled in Preferences), or
  • download manually.

Changes in this release:

  • Fix for CMYK JPEGs incorrectly tagged by an Adobe APP14 marker as YCCK.

  • Fix for CMYK JPEG images that don't have their own color profile.

  • Fixed incorrect colors after conversion to PNG if the image was very high resolution while being a low number of colors. (E.g. Line art.)

  • The file_name value is now given to the evaluator during rename operations (as documented).

  • Duplicates column mode now works with an indexed search.

  • A Find DUPES command that uses a global search engine no longer needs to provide a dummy path via the IN argument.

  • Exclusion list in sync, etc. now treats path\* as excluding the path as well as the contents.

  • File changes that occur in folders being compared by the synchronize function no longer invalidate the comparison results. (We may bring this back in a modified form in the future, but at the moment it can make synchronizing a folder tree very difficult in some situations).

  • Licence manager status page close button now hidden for USB installs.