Directory Opus 13.5

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New in 13.5:

  • Fix for crash ID 251/252

  • Fix for crash ID 253

Changes from 13.4.1 beta:

  • Fixed MultiView plugin config dialog colors in dark mode.

  • Fixed Image command requiring PRESERVEASPECTRATIO=no to turn off aspect ratio preservation, rather than doing so if the argument wasn't specified at all.

  • Case-only renames of FTP Address Book sites are now allowed.

  • Workaround for QSpice .qsch and .qsym files being treated as JPEGs because they start with the JPEG header.

  • When using FAYT range selection, the Index column will now be added as soon as the # character is typed, without having to start typing an index number.

  • File display background events now work with more Power Mode button configurations.

  • Fix for Explorer Replacement when asked to open folders and select a file, when applied to folders below the user profile (e.g. Documents, Downloads). The file should now be selected, and the requesting applications should no longer be delayed.

  • Fix for crash ID 214

  • Fixed crash dragging from external program to a folder button on a floating toolbar when no other Opus windows were open. (ID 216)

  • The Set FULLROWSELECT command can now specify "display" again for the "always highlight full row" option, if it ends up turning off full-row selection itself. E.g. Set FULLROWSELECT=toggle,display

  • Fixed minor cosmetic issue with toolbar fields when dragging toolbars around.

  • Made the spacing around icons in dropdown menus a little tighter

  • Fixed evaluator KeyDown() function not working when called from a button

Changes from 13.4.2 beta:

  • Added Select FROMSCRIPT=unhide argument; when used, any items that are currently hidden will be unhidden before being selected.

  • The default settings for FAYT Filter Bar mode now turn partial matching on.

  • The standalone viewer now shows the coordinates/dimensions of the current selection (if any) in the status bar.

  • The viewer plugin API will now load files in libraries via their real file paths, rather than via streams (which not all plugins support).

  • Made a change to try to improve performance with Dropbox context menus on some systems.

  • Possible fix for "Crash frequently while use script to manage my files with DOpus13.4".

Changes from 13.4.3 beta:

  • Added optional different colors for the currently sorted column header (via Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Directory Opus Colors / Column Headers)

  • The standalone viewer can be made always on-top again. The window menu (click the titlebar icon, or push Alt+Space) has a "Keep On Top" toggle. You can also get a toggle button for use on the viewer toolbar/menus via Customize > Commands > Viewer > Keep On Top.

    Note that opening Customize or Preferences will reset the viewer to normal, to ensure the dialogs don't open behind it. The fullscreen viewer also disables the command, as it's inherently on-top when active. Viewers save their on-top state when closed, restoring it when the next one is open. Separate state is saved for normal and lister-linked viewers.

  • In scripting, the list of shell properties returned by FSUtil.GetShellPropertyList() now includes all properties in the system, rather than just those marked as "column". This makes things like System.PerceivedType available. Note that the list will be a lot bigger now.

    • The second argument to the function can now take the "v" flag which filters out those properties not marked as "viewable". This will give you the same list as is shown in Explorer's column chooser UI (and in the Shell Properties page in Preferences)

    • Each property returned has a number of flags which indicate its type: multiplevalues, isinnate, isgroup, cangroupby, canstackby, istreeproperty, includeinfulltextquery, isviewable, isqueryable, canbepurged, searchrawvalue, dontcoerceemptystrings, alwaysinsupplementalstore, issystemproperty

  • Preferences / Columns / Evaluator Columns now has a context menu for items in the column list. The default columns (Image Bytes and Modified (Simple)) can be reset to their defaults this way.

  • Qualifier keys are now passed through to commands run from the header context menu

  • Fixed folder tree highlight path getting its color from the wrong tab with dual trees

  • The Evaluator Columns test function in Preferences now provides the "operation" value (set to "display") so that scripts that use this value can be tested

  • Evaluation filtering on the label column should now be more reliable

  • Evaluation filters which use a script column which uses image metadata now work

  • Context menu on shell folders like This PC in the breadcrumbs field dropdown now works

  • If you clicked a file display group (selecting everything in it) and then deleted from there, the file display would be left without any item having focus. This is now fixed.

  • Fixed delayed reaction of right/bottom status bar during lasso selection at times.

  • Fixed issue with synchronize filters incorrectly filtering folders rather than files

  • Possible fix for "Crash frequently while use script to manage my files with DOpus13.4"

  • Possible for for crash ID 218

  • Possible fix for crash 219

Changes from 13.4.4 beta:

  • The shadow around the active folder tab (when tabs are at the top or bottom) can now be turned off (Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Directory Opus Colors / Folder tabs).

  • When a folder takes on columns from multiple formats, and the folder's main format has "auto-size all columns" off but inherits additional columns from a format with it on, those columns are now set to auto-size.

  • Folder thumbnails "exclude folders with custom icons" option now applies to libraries.

  • The Duplicates Select dialog now gives focus to the file list when it closes (assuming it selected anything and wasn't cancelled)

  • In dialogs like Create Folder, pressing Enter to OK the dialog is no longer blocked by the suggestion popup (i.e. you no longer need to press Enter twice unless you've actually selected a suggestion to insert)

  • The description of Opus config backups is now shown in the Description column without .ocb having to be added as a zip file extension

  • Scripting Date object Add and Sub methods now accept up to 64-bit signed numbers as offsets.

  • Script functions (in buttons etc) can now use @include to include script include files

  • Script dialog controls set to resize by sharing height can now abut one another without a gap

  • Workaround for Windows shell failing to provide thumbnails for videos via symlinks to network shares.

  • Fixed issue with thumbnails that come from the Windows shell on long network paths.

  • Fixed bug which could cause some unicode characters to get lost when saving a script file via the script IDE.

  • Fixed tab controls in script dialogs not resizing the tabs to account for a font change.

  • Fixed two-way sync missing empty folders.

  • "New" menu now put the separator after Folder and Shortcut instead of between them.

  • Fix for crash when deleting files from particular zip archives. (IDs 222-225)

  • Fix for crash ID 230.

  • Possible fix for crash ID 231.

  • Possible fix for crash ID 232.

Changes from 13.4.5 beta:

  • The FAYT now uses icons to distinguish the MSDOS and WSL command modes from normal command mode

  • In scripting, added Tab.highlighted property. Returns a collection of all files/folders in the tab that have one or more cells highlighted. If no cells are highlighted this will return an empty collection (with count == 0).

  • Fixed items in hidden expanded folders staying hidden after their parents were shown.

  • Possible fix for crash ID 234

  • Possible fix for crash ID 235, 236

Changes from 13.4.6 beta:

  • Fix for crash ID 237

  • Possible fix for crash ID 241

Changes from 13.4.7 beta:

  • Additional fix for items in hidden expanded folders staying hidden after their parents were shown.

  • Fixed %.p formatting in evaluator not setting the decimal precision properly

  • Turning off a paired folder did not completely disable it in all cases

  • Fixed @hideblock not working correctly with @hideifpath

  • Additional fix for Synchronize not correctly matching files in FTP/MTP paths

Changes from 13.4.8 beta:

  • Fixed not being able to recolor tree/group expander glyphs in light mode.

  • When creating a Filter scripting object, evaluator code no longer causes the valid property to return false.

  • Added a new "simplified" status display to the licence manager. Only supports the most common scenarios - when it's supported, it will be shown by default, and a "More information" link lets you get to the original status display.