Directory Opus 13.6.9 (Beta)

:warning: This is a beta release. It may be unstable. Some text may not be translated yet. Use at your own risk!

:inbox_tray: Download manually, or use Help > Check for Program Updates (if beta versions are enabled in Preferences / Internet / Updates).

Changes in this release:

  • The Copy of and Shortcut to templates now support %3 to insert the duplicate file count without surrounding parentheses, and can also use the evaluator to generate new names for duplicate files. To use the evaluator, begin the clause with a = and return the new name. Variables provided are name, ext (file extension - for information only, it will be added automatically so the eval clause should not add it) and count (duplicate name count, begins at 0).

  • Added "keep existing" option when resetting context menu items to their defaults.

  • Deleting a filetype context menu item via its right-click context menu now shows a confirmation message.

  • Suggestion lists opened with the cursor Up key now auto-select the last item in the list (similar to opening with the Down key auto-selects the first).

  • The inline rename history list (accessed via Shift+Up/Down) is now shown in most recently used order rather than alphabetical.

  • When a filename is chosen from the inline rename history list, the current selection (full name, file stem only or file extension only) is preserved.

  • Set BACKGROUNDIMAGE now recognises toolbars: (as documented) rather than toolbar: to change the toolbar image.

  • Fixed JScript syntax highlighting not recognising escaped quote characters in string literals.

  • With the custom window frame (toolbars moved into the window title), hovering the mouse over the window icon in the top-left corner now shows the window title in a tooltip.

  • Possible fix for crash ID 299.

  • Fixed some rendering glitches with toolbar background images when toolbars are moved into the window title.

  • Blocked changing the type of a toolbar field while it is open for editing.

  • Edits to label/spacer text are now reflected in real time, as with regular toolbar buttons.

  • If a toolbar spacer is open for editing, changes to its width made outside the editor will now be preserved when the editor closes.

  • The context menu for spacers on vertical toolbars now says "Full Height" instead of "Full Width".

  • Corrected size of full-height spacers-with-labels when editing vertical toolbars.

  • Fixed spacers-with-labels drawing a box icon if icons were forced on at the toolbar level.

  • Spacers-with-labels can now horizontally center their text (e.g. for centered window titles).

  • Proper fix for label buttons lagging behind if they were showing the Lister title bar via the evaluator and the title bar included the currently selected file name.