Directory Opus 13.7.2 (Beta)

:warning: This is a beta release. It may be unstable. Some text may not be translated yet. Use at your own risk!

:inbox_tray: Download manually, or use Help > Check for Program Updates (if beta versions are enabled in Preferences / Internet / Updates).


  • Added Dialog.FlushMsg() script function. Flushes all messages from a dialog's message queue.

Minor changes:

  • The normal Status Bar config now reports disk space on drives which are completely full. (Status Bar codes for free/used disk space were considered "empty" if they were zero. Now they're only considered empty if the information isn't available or applicable, e.g. when viewing an FTP site or inside an archive.)
  • The standalone viewer now compacts the path in the title bar if it's too long (due to Windows max window title limitation).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Attributes field checkbox alignment in the metadata panel with a large font.
  • Fixed folder tree showing an incorrect folder name after a folder has been renamed inside itself.
  • Fixed OpenWith menu items showing accelerator characters.
  • Fixed some context menu labels being blank in Chinese versions. Improved auto-assignment of accelerator keys in Chinese/Korean/Japanese versions.