Directory Opus 13.7.3 (Beta)

:warning: This is a beta release. It may be unstable. Some text may not be translated yet. Use at your own risk!

:inbox_tray: Download manually, or use Help > Check for Program Updates (if beta versions are enabled in Preferences / Internet / Updates).

Minor changes:

  • Changing background images via Set BACKGROUNDIMAGE now uses a crossfade effect. Use BACKGROUNDIMAGEOPTS=nofade argument to disable this.

Bug fixes:

  • Auto-hide taskbar no longer gets blocked by a maximized custom-frame Lister.

  • Fixed control-drag to start a selection lasso on a filename not selecting the initial file.

  • Fixed FTP addressbook not saving site timezones properly if they had a & character in them.

  • Fixed cell highlighting selecting one cell too many with extra line spacing.

  • Fixed the Everything autolaunch function incorrectly launching for folder sizes in some cases.