Directory Opus 13.7.4 (Beta)

:warning: This is a beta release. It may be unstable. Some text may not be translated yet. Use at your own risk!

:inbox_tray: Download manually, or use Help > Check for Program Updates (if beta versions are enabled in Preferences / Internet / Updates).


  • Added EverythingInterface script object. Create using DOpusFactory. Has properties to tell you if Everything is running and if it's configured in Opus to autorun or not. Also has methods to start it (if it's set to autorun) and stop it, run queries and send it commands.

Minor changes:

  • Embedded commands in Go FOLDERCONTENT menus can now be applied to folders as well as files by adding the embeddedcmddirs flag.

  • Evaluator columns set to refresh automatically when attributes change will now be refreshed if their comment is changed.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed combination of certain Power Mode buttons settings, selection changes via a lister-linked viewer, and range selection.

  • Fixed some menu descriptions losing their translations.

  • Fix for crash ID 322.

  • Workaround for crashes caused by unstable video metadata components that are part of Windows.

  • Fix for crash searching text content when the Windows system locale "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support" option is on.