Directory Opus 13.7

Directory Opus 13.7

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The following is a summary of new features and other significant changes from 13.6.

See the New Releases forum for detailed release notes for the various beta versions from 13.6.1 onwards.

New in 13.7:

  • Added Preferences / Toolbars / Options / Move top-row toolbars into the window title bar option. When turned on, the top row of toolbars will appear in the Lister's title bar rather than below it. Any blank spaces in the toolbars (e.g. Spacer buttons) can be used to drag the window. The window icon (top-left) can also be used to move the window if Shift or Ctrl are held down (in case there's nowhere on the toolbar that can do it).

  • Added separate color options for toolbars that have been moved to the window title (Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Directory Opus Colors / Toolbars).

  • Added Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders / This PC / Drive size units option. Lets you select a specific size unit (KB/MB/GB/TB) for drive sizes shown in the native This PC folder.

  • The Copy of and Shortcut to templates now support %3 to insert the duplicate file count without surrounding parentheses, and can also use the evaluator to generate new names for duplicate files. To use the evaluator, begin the clause with a = and return the new name. Variables provided are name, ext (file extension - for information only, it will be added automatically so the eval clause should not add it) and count (duplicate name count, begins at 0).

  • Added a new option for single-click mode; Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Expand sub-folders on hover lets you select whether sub-folders are expanded on hover or if they still require a click to expand.

Changes to commands:

  • The Set AUTOSIZECOLUMNS command can now autosize columns selectively rather than only being able to autosize all of them. For example, Set AUTOSIZECOLUMNS=col:name,col:desc to resize just the name and description columns. The override flag makes it ignore the min/max limits for the columns being resized.

  • Added Set THUMBNAILBORDERS command. Allows the thumbnail border flags under Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Directory Opus Colors / Borders to be toggled via a command.

  • Added Set BACKGROUNDIMAGE and BACKGROUNDIMAGEOPTS command arguments. Allows the various Lister background images to be changed via a command.

  • Spacer buttons can now be edited, and have a new option to show a label. When turned on the displayed label will be shown rather than an empty space. They behave very much like Label buttons in this mode; the main differences are that Spacer buttons can be set to full-width or a specific size, whereas Label buttons always auto-size to show the specified label.

  • Both Label and Spacer buttons (with labels) can now use the evaluator, by prefixing the label definition with a = character. The evaluator is now given the lister_title value in toolbar-related contexts; returns the current window title of the Lister.

Scripting improvements:

  • Added script object HTTPRequest. Provides a simple object for sending asynchronous HTTP requests and retrieving the results. Use the Dlg.NewHTTPReq method to create the object.

  • Changes to button controls in script dialogs to support images and control the appearance.

  • The FSUtil.ReadDir script method now accepts the p flag to suppress password requests (e.g. when reading encrypted ZIP files).

  • Script add-ins now support //@@include as well as @include to use script include files.

Other minor changes:

  • Changes to improve support for IMEs which generate Unicode surrogate pairs, including fix for Chrome crash.

  • Improved support for YCCK-encoded JPEGs and EXIF orientations involving reflections.

  • WebP files are now recognised by file content, allowing WebP files with incorrect extensions (e.g. .JPG) to be displayed.

  • Opus now traps drag&drop to the Windows fonts folder (within Opus itself) and uses its own font installation function. Should prevent crashes some people have experienced on Windows 7 when installing fonts in this way.

  • Evaluator SysInfo() function has new "Version", "VerHigh", "VerLow" and "VerBeta" values it can return.

  • The custom Lister title now accepts the %F code to display the full pathname of the selected file.

  • The search field now allows a Global Everything search (if Everything is installed) when in non-filesystem locations like File Collections, rather than being disabled.

  • Changed behaviour of inline rename popup history list to make it more like Opus 12 - the filename is updated in real time as items are chosen from the history list.

  • Input fields that support the keys configured in File Operations / Renaming Files / Control Keys (e.g. inline rename) can now show a tooltip of the available keys, triggered by holding down the Ctrl key by itself.