Directory Opus 13 not displaying avif files

Apparently, avif image files are the new and upcoming thing. Something I only recently found out.

Avif files are around. I started downloading them.

But Directory Opus 12 wasn't displaying them. I upgraded to Directory Opus 13 but avif files are still not being displayed properly either as thumbnails or in the image viewer. It's claimed that Opus 13 is supposed to support avif files.

thumbnail: instead of an image thumbnail I get the standard GIMP file icon

image viewer: instead of an image I get the following text:

Windows Imaging Component (WIC)
No compatible WIC decoder was found.
Check if the Windows Photos app can display the file.
It ma;y ask you to install a required codec.
Please close and re-open the viewer to try again.

You are headed in the right direction :slight_smile:

  • Open an AVIF image in the Windows Photos app and it will link you to the appropriate codec if one is needed.