Directory Opus

Version is now available as a free update for all users of Directory Opus 8. You can download it from the GPSoftware Downloads Page.

Miscellaneous Changes and Bug Fixes for (30/01/06)

  • Fixed visual problem in context menus with third party extensions that use icons larger than the standard 16x16 size (e.g. BitZipper)
  • Fixed problem with Tab Groups and My Documents folder. If you have My Documents assigned to a tab in a tab group, then selecting that tab now expands the tree to the correct location (the "virtual" My Documents rather than the real folder under C:\Documents and Settings...)
  • Fixed potential crash in context menus when third-party extensions add extremely long menu items. Very long menu labels are now automatically truncated to prevent the menu from being absurdly large.
  • Added "DST Compensation" option to the Synchronize function. When enabled, time differences of exactly one hour are ignored to compensate for different handling of daylight savings time between FAT/FAT32 and NTFS drives.
  • PDF metadata (author, subject, title) is now extracted from PDF files and displayed in the appropriate Lister columns (note that this uses a new version of pdftext.dll which must be present in the Viewers sub-directory for this to work)
  • When renaming using MP3 file information it is now possible to pad the "tracks" field with leading zeroes if desired. e.g., {mp3track|#2} would pad the track field to two digits.
  • Added a link to the Getting to know Directory Opus online tutorial to the default Help menu, and also to the Splash screen.
  • Modified the behavior of the "Ignore seconds" option in the Synchronize function. This option now takes into account times which have "rolled over" to the next minute because of file system peculiarities (e.g. 20:44:59 -> 20:45:00).
  • Fixed problem with PicaView thumbnails in context menu introduced in minor update.
  • Modified the copy function to update progress display less often, particularly on large files.
  • Thumbnails can now be displayed for .otf font files.
  • Fixed problem with rename function incorrectly deselecting files that didn't match the rename pattern.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you attempted to convert an image to a PNG file within a corrupt zip file.
  • Added support for namespace extensions that are initialized on folder junction points (e.g. AudioManage)
  • Toolbar fields no longer lose input focus when the alt key is pressed and released (this is to support Swedish users who need to use the alt key to type a backslash).
  • Fixed a problem with Go NEWTAB=findexisting which stopped this command from working on subsequent folders if a prior folder was already open in a tab.
  • Fixed a crash when rotating GIF images to the right (using the animgif plugin)
  • FTP: Fixed anomaly for small files on fast connections which could result in 0 byte files.
  • FTP: Fixed Login to Virgin ( not following RFC 859 standards.
  • SFTP: Fixed crash when connecting to a new SFTP sites from an existing SFTP site.
  • SFTP: Updated handling of file times to extract full dates from file attributes instead of using traditional FTP UNIX LS file times. Unix FTP times only accurate for current year. Opus now displays times accurate to HH:MM 1/1/1970. Uploaded files now also now preserve the Access and Modified file times.
  • FTP/SFTP Fixed problem in local Lister display of uploaded file times and time zones.
  • FTP/SFTP fixed problem with setting timestamps recursively on folders.
  • Added a warning note about Zone Alarm to registration wizard. (See Zone Alarm Issues FAQ on Resource Centre for details).