Directory Opus 8.2

Version 8.2 is a free update available to all users of Directory Opus 8. This may be obtained from the download page:

There are a number of new features plus many smaller changes and bug fixes in this release. Full details of the changes are available in the Opus 82 Changes PDF document available here: (Very old file no longer online.)

In summary, the major new features include:

  • New File Filter Control
    There is a new File Filter control for Opus toolbars. The File Filter Field is similar to the Show Files and associated fields, but much more powerful. It has a drop-down menu that lets you change its behavior on-the-fly – you can choose from Files Only, Folders Only, or Both Files & Folders. You can also select Show or Hide on-the-fly. Also it supports Real Time Filtering, where the list is updated in real time as the filter is edited, as well as Partial Match.

  • Dynamic Thumbnail Resizing
    Opus now supports dynamic thumbnail resizing. When enabled, it allows you to resize thumbnails displayed in the current Lister on-the-fly, without the thumbnails having to be regenerated. A double-click on the thumbnail size slider resets the thumbnails to the default size set in Preferences.

  • Rename
    The Advanced Rename dialog now lets you rename files using meta data information from the files themselves. It is possible to use any of the Lister information fields as input for the Rename routine – for example, file date, mp3 tag information, EXIF tags, etc. For example, you could rename MP3 files using their tags similar to {mp3album} - {mp3artist} - {mp3title}.mp3.

  • Navigation Lock
    When the new Navigation Lock is enabled in a dual-display Lister, navigation that takes place in one file display (double-click, parent, back, forwards) is also mirrored if possible in the second file display. For example, double-clicking a sub-folder in the left file display would also enter that sub-folder in the right file display if a sub-folder of the same name exists there. The same applies to Up, Back and Forwards.

  • Favorites
    The Favorites list in Preferences now supports right-click to display a context menu for entries. It is now also possible to assign hotkeys to Favorite entries, using the Key button in the Preferences editor. Pressing an assigned hotkey reads the folder into the current source file display.

  • New Lister columns
    There is a new Size On Disk column to display the actual disk space used by a file or folder. This is particularly useful with compressed files and folders. This column is available as Auto, Bytes or KB (same as other size fields).

  • Inline rename
    Pressing F2 when in inline rename mode now cycles between selection of the name, the extension and all (equivalent to pressing Ctrl-N, Ctrl-E and Ctrl-A). If file extensions are hidden in the Lister, pressing Ctrl-E in inline rename now reveals the hidden extension allowing it to be modified.

  • Sorting
    When sorting by multiple columns you can now set a different sort direction for each field - for example, sort by modified date forwards and size in reverse. When in multi-column sort mode an additional sort arrow is displayed at the left of the column header – this allows you to control the "global" reverse state.

You can now configure the default sort direction for each Lister field and it is now possible to specify a list of filename prefixes that are ignored when sorting alphabetically.