Directory Opus

A minor update for Directory Opus is now available for download from the GP Software website.

Changes in

  • Fixed layout problem with virtual namespaces under Vista (the inner window was being sized slightly too large and overwriting the file display border.) Also now displays a frame for virtual namespaces under Vista.
  • Fixed problem that could cause floating Toolbars to resize themselves on startup
  • Fixed problem that could insert an unnecessary quote into a command when the user supplies their own quotes (eg, "{file}" could under some circumstances end up as ""{file}")
  • Hopefully fixed a problem that could cause the File Collection icons to be used incorrectly as the "unregistered filetype icon". This change may have also improved the way Opus works with icon replacement programs like IconPackager, etc. (it may also have made it worse, of course :slight_smile: )
  • Improved speed of the Folder Tree expansion on network drives under Vista - no longer queries each folder for sub-folders, but instead adds the + for all folders by default (now matches the behaviour under 2000/XP)
  • The Folder Tree now snaps back to its original horizontal scroll position after a drag and drop has completed
  • Single-click mode now allows you to unselect already selected files by holding the control key down and hovering (this is the same as Explorer)
  • Opus now respects the group policy for drive access and will not allow a blocked drive to be shown in a Lister (however the folder can still be expanded in the tree, as with Explorer)
  • Fixed a crash that could be caused by an empty sub-menu item in a filetype context menu
  • The Zip context menu Preferences options now work in USB mode
  • Fixed a crash in MSN Messenger caused by dropping files on the Opus Contacts list
  • Improved support for encrypted RAR files, still some work to go on this
  • The 'Hide Lister footprints' option now works correctly
  • Fixed error 302 when downloading from Flickr free (non-Pro) accounts
  • Fixed problem where the progress dialog could inadvertantly display FTP passwords
  • Fixed problem that prevented some virtual folders (like the Contacts folder in Vista) from being added to the Explorer Replacement exclusion list
  • Fixed lockup in the viewer when displaying some very narrow images