Directory Opus

A minor update for Directory Opus is now available for download from the GP Software website.

Changes in

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when editing the RAR plugin list of extensions
  • Fixed a rendering glitch that could occur when a sub-menu was used in a three-button button
  • Fixed autosizing of bold columns
  • Fixed a problem with Styles containing tabs with the first tab set to locked
  • On network drives, the folder tree now updates (removes if necessary) the + sign when reading a folder, as well as when clicking on the +
  • Made some changes to prevent Word documents from being removed from collections when they are re-saved. Normally Word saves documents by rename - save new - delete old - rename new, and this would confuse the file collection system resulting in either the document being removed from the collection altogether, or the name changing to the temporary file name and not changing back. The collections system now waits 5 seconds before processing external file change notifications that involve deleting files or renaming files to a name beginning with ~ (which is what Word does.)
  • Fixed a problem with non-UTF8 encoded XML files (eg .dcf button files) not correctly converting high-bit ASCII characters using the proper code page
  • Fixed a problem with files on FTP sites with high-bit ASCII characters not correctly converting using the proper code page
  • Fixed a problem where the order of Icon Sets in Preferences could get lost if a set contained only Large size icons
  • The Drive Buttons command now supports large icons and custom color settings
  • Full-screen viewer with a horizontal scrollbar now allows a mouse click just above the scrollbar to display the toolbar
  • Added sanity checking to the Targa plugin to prevent crashes when attempting to view files that aren't really TGA files but have a .tga suffix
  • The Back button on a mouse now goes correctly to the Lister with focus - previously if two or more Listers were open it would go to the source Lister rather than the active Lister
  • Dragging an item around in the FTP Address Book no longer causes the "initial directory" field to be URL-encoded
  • Fixed a problem with the folder tree under XP when using large fonts (the horizontal offset was calculated incorrectly, so the position of the + signs and item labels was offset from the actual display, meaning you had to click to the right of where you thought you had to.)
  • Fixed a problem with displaying ZIP files in the tree - extremely large ZIP files could take a very long time to process, resulting in the Lister seeming to lock up or hang when the tree was expanded. Also improved the general performance of ZIP files (particularly large ones).