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Directory Opus

A minor update for Directory Opus is now available for download from the GP Software website.

Directory Opus (July 15th 2007)

New Features and minor changes:

  • This version improves support for x64 systems. Specifically, Explorer replacement mode should now work correctly, and (limited) access is available to the System32 folder (you can browse the folder contents and manipulate the files directly, but some functions - eg, Properties - do not work correctly.) Also, launching external programs from Opus should now launch the 64-bit version as appropriate (eg, Notepad.exe). The problem of double-click on the desktop is as yet unresolved and may have to wait for a full 64-bit version which will hopefully be available later this year.
  • The Set DUAL command now has a 'remember' parameter (eg, Set DUAL=toggle,remember). This causeses the Lister to remember the previous dual display path when re-opening the dual display, rather than using the default dual display path.
  • Added an 'Aspect Ratio' column which displays the aspect ratio of an image or movie.
  • Added the Go UNDOCLOSELISTER command. This command opens the last lister that was closed (so if, for example, you close a Lister accidentally, this command lets you get it back again.) This command can also take the 'closeexisting' keyword which causes all currently open Listers to be closed first.
  • It is now possible to configure a command that is run when the background (empty space) in a file display is double-clicked. This option can be configured from Preferences / Listers / File Display / Double-click on file display background. You can select 'Go to parent folder' or 'Run a defined User Command'
  • There is now an option to use Full-row selection in the Folder Tree (Preferences / Listers / Folder Tree / Full-row selection)
  • There is a new option in Preferences / File Operations / Options called 'Deselect files used in functions'. If this option is turned off it prevents selected files from being automatically deselected when used in a function.
  • It is now possible to configure the opacity of the drag and drop image via Preferences / Display / Options / Drag image opacity.
  • In the advanced file filter control (eg, Advanced Find or Select), the Size clause now has GB as a size option, and the numeric field can now accept decimal points.
  • The Select command has new FROMCHECKS and TOCHECKS arguments to convert selection state to checkmarks and vice versa.
  • In Opus functions that launch external programs, the default behaviour until now has been for all external programs to be run asynchronously unless prefixed with @sync:. This has now changed - the default now is for all external programs to be run synchronously. For example, in a function that has an external program followed by an internal command, the second command will not be run until the external program has completed. The old @sync: prefix still works but is now effectively ignored, and there is a new @async: prefix which provides the opposite behaviour - that is, a program prefixed with @async: will be launched asynchronously. There is also a new flag in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced called 'function_default_async' which lets you revert to the previous default behaviour if desired.
  • There is a new setting in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced called 'collection_change_delay' that lets you configure the time (in milliseconds) that Opus waits before processing external rename and delete file changes in File Collections.
  • When using date fields in Advanced Rename it is now possible to specify a date formatting string that uses week numbers (both simple and ISO) and ISO years. The new date codes that have been added for this are: w (ISO week number, no leading zero), ww (ISO week number, leading zero), W (simple week number, no leading zero), WW (simple week number, leading zero), and Y/YY/YYYY (ISO year). For example, {shootingtime|D#YYYY-'W'ww}
  • Opus now adds an AutoPlay handler that gives the option to view the folder in Directory Opus
  • Added support for some malformed TIFF images created by Corel Draw
  • Added a new flag in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced called 'single_click_rename' that enables inline rename using the mouse in single-click mode (with full-row selection enabled). With this turned on, and full-row single-click enabled, inline rename can be initiated by hovering over a file to select it and then clicking to the right of the filename.
  • Added an option to Preferences / Listers / File Display Border called 'Set file display to source when Up/Back/Forwards buttons are used'. When this is enabled, clicking those buttons in the file display border of the destination file display will make that file display the source.
  • It is now possible to configure sub-menus in the File Types Drop menu (in the same way as for context menus)
  • The find-as-you-type field now passes the Delete key through to the Lister if the cursor is at the end of the string. In normal usage this means that you can type a few letters to match a file name and then immediately hit the delete key to delete the file without having to press escape to close the FAYT field first.
  • The 'Display this folder in the other file display' button in the file display border now copies across any user-specified name for the tab that is copied.
  • There is a new 'Hide from Tree' field in Preferences / ZIP Files / Settings that lets you specify file extensions that are not to be shown in the Folder Tree
  • The AS argument for the Clipboard PASTE command can now take 'ask' as a parameter (eg Clipboard PASTE AS=ask). This will cause Opus to ask you for a filename when pasting images or text into a Lister, but will be ignored and not display a dialog if the clipboard does not contain image or text data. Note also that when pasting image data, the dialog also gives options for image format and quality as well as output filename.
  • The MP3 viewer plugin now lets you specify 'Total track count' as well as 'Track number'. Also the Genre field is now fully editable and can be also cleared.
  • The 'Select Folder' dialog in Find and Duplicate File Finder now has checkboxes, which lets you specify multiple folders to search in one go rather than having to add each folder separately. Also the Clear button in these dialogs now has a drop-down which lets you clear the entire folder list (the same as holding the shift key when selecting Clear)
  • By default Opus applies a small amount of acceleration when scrolling file lists using the mouse wheel. This can now be turned off from Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced / wheel_acceleration.

Bugs fixed:

  • The 'Enable file InfoTips' settings in Preferences / Listers / File Display are now correctly respected in the icon modes.
  • In Advanced Find, the meaning of 'greater than or equal' and 'less than or equal' in the Size clause were reversed.
  • Fixed a crash caused by alt-clicking the hard-coded 'Edit Status Bar' item in the status bar context menu.
  • The LAYOUTTHISLISTER argument for the Prefs LAYOUT command now supports layouts with multiple folder tabs.
  • Semi-bold fonts are now remembered when selected for toolbars
  • The Join command now pre-sizes the output file to the expected total size, which should make the join operation much quicker.
  • Fixed a problem in Preferences / Favorites & Recent / Folder Colors under Windows 2000 where moving the mouse over the Folders list would automatically select the item under the mouse.
  • The advanced function editor now properly supports 'dead keys' (eg accent keys on non-English keyboards). Also fixed a problem where a random character could be inserted into the text if two control-keys were pressed sequentially without releasing the control key (eg Ctrl+C followed immediately by Ctrl+F)
  • Fixed rendering issue in Output Window when docked to the top/bottom of the screen under XP (the title bar was not properly hidden and so would overwrite the display)
  • Context menus for Filetype groups could be shown incorrectly. Previously, the context menus for a filetype group would be displayed if ANY of the selected files were in that group. Now, ALL selected files must be in a group for its context menus to be shown.
  • Specifying OPENINRIGHT=horiz with the Go TABGROUPLOAD command now correctly opens the dual display in horizontal mode.
  • The @set directive now works without spaces surrounding the equals sign (eg '@set name=value' now works, previously only '@set name = value' would work)
  • The icon modes in single click mode did not properly set the focus to an item when hovering over it with the mouse
  • Alt+Left Click now works in single click mode to open a new tab
  • The USB Export function now exports any installed icon sets
  • Fixed a bug in the unrar plugin that could cause a lock-up if an encrypted file was selected when the viewer pane was open and already showing another image
  • Fixed a problem with the ZIP handling that could cause phantom entries to be displayed in a Lister if you extracted sub-folders from the ZIP file, parented up and then went back into the ZIP file again
  • Fixed 'Error 49' when extracting a .exe from a ZIP file over an existing file (only occurred if the third-party 7zip plugin was installed)
  • Some folders in the Folder Tree (eg Network Shortcuts) did not get given a + sign when they should have
  • Fixed a problem where the wrong icon could be displayed in the Favorites list for UNC folders
  • The 'Edit MP3 tags' option in the MP3 viewer plugin now works correctly under Vista
  • The MP3 Viewer plugin now supports ID3v2 tags encoded as UTF-8
  • Opus no longer scrolls the file display when dragging a file over the file display border
  • Fixed a crash caused by specifying a 'Contains' clause with an empty string in the Advanced Find function.
  • The Breadcrumbs path field now uses the font specified for its parent toolbar
  • Folders opened by explicit calls to 'explorer.exe' (in Explorer Replacement mode) now respect the 'open external folders in new tabs' option.
  • Fixed a problem where sorting the list by a different column (by clicking the column header in Details mode) could turn off column auto-sizing.
  • Fixed a problem where navigating folders could cause the current sort column to be continually reset.
  • A function similar to: CreateFolder NAME "{filepath$|noterm} A" SetAttr FILE "{filepath$|noterm} A" SETATTR H now works correctly if more than one file is selected.
  • ZIP auto-extract no longer prompts twice if you select 'No'.
  • The 'Type' column now correctly handles filenames that begin with a period and have no file extension (eg .forward, .htaccess, etc)
  • Fixed rendering problem with dialog tab textures from some unofficial Windows XP themes (eg the 'Vista Enhancement Pack')