Directory Opus BASIC Icons v2.0 Delta Drop-In Replacement


After seeing the amazing work of Cris van Minnen and noticing it was picked up by GP Software, I noticed there were some icons that were slightly different and there were some icons that were not included in Directory Opus 12.

After some work, I extracted those icons and added them to a sprite sheet. After using it a bit, I decided to share them here, in case someone else find them useful.
They currently work as a drop-in replacement of the base icon set. Just add it to Directory Opus as usual and put it in a higher priority than the base set.

Here is a preview of the 32x32 set (click to enlarge):

All credits go to Cris van Minnen, I just compared the files and made a new sprite sheet with the different ones. (There are some other different icons, but I excluded minor differences and the previous "pencil" drawing).

I'm still considering giving them a different name for my personal needs (so they can be referenced differently in my settings). If I do, I might upload them here :slight_smile:

DopusBasicDelta Drop-In Replacement:
DOpusBasicDelta.dis (23.4 KB)


Looking through the other Opus 12 Flat icons created, I found the Directory Opus Basic v2.0 icon set. I was curious to see how the latter compared to those from the official Internal Icon Set, and created two "diff" images to show the differences. Only then did I notice this post... so for those curious about how exactly the icons changed between the 2013 Basic v2.0 set and the 2016 Internal Flat one:

Directory Opus Basic v2.0
-> 34 unique icons outlined in red, 42 early version icons:

Internal Icon Set (Flat)
-> 17 newly-created icons outlined in orange, 42 updated icons:

Note: Personally I prefer the Internal icons and would suggest putting the Directory Opus BASIC Icons v2.0 Delta Drop-In Replacement right after the Internal Set, to keep the 42 shared updated internal icons, but still be able to access the interesting 34 unique earlier Basic v2.0 ones.

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The new internal icons also better support DPI scaling, if that's important to you.

That's why this pack was created, to add the "missing" icons back., for those who want more non-used icons for toolbar customization, but still like the current feel of Opus, so they won't look out of place.
(At least, that's how I use it :wink: )

Excellent work man, keep it going.

Any info where are default DO flat icons are stored?
Wanted to get these green "Back/Forward/Go Up" icons as in v13 those were changed.

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Possible to get OG v12 navigation images?
Recreating these manually, results them looking half ass... :slight_smile:

If not possible, guess these DOpusBasicDelta will do trick.