Directory Opus BASIC Icons v2.0 - 592 new flat Win8 icons!

by Cris van Minnen

Preview Opus BASIC (32x32) (click to enlarge if reduced on your screen):

Preview Opus BASIC (22x22) (click to enlarge if reduced on your screen):

An alternative version of my default Opus Toolbar Icons in the Windows 8 flat toolbar style!
This is a drop-in replacement for all standard large and small icons (32x32 and 22x22).

This set also contains 34 extra Bonus icons:
Connect Camera / Connect Phone / Connect USB / 4 Cloud icons / Connect Network / HDD Drive letter icons

Your toolbars will automatically use the icons after installing them:

  • To install the set, download the zip file below and extract the .dis file from inside it.
  • Go to Preferences > Toolbars > Icons, click the Import button and choose the .dis file.
  • Move it to the top of the list, so it takes priority over the other icon-sets you have installed.
  • Opus 9 users: go to Settings > Preferences > Display > Toolbars > set Image highlighting effect to None

v2.0: Directory Opus 11 Icons added! (125 KB)



Nice work!


Wow, these really are great. Thanks so much!

Nice work as always, Cris!

Using them now! :slight_smile:

Wow, not sure how I missed these. Simply amazing. They go perfect with Pure Flat icons set from Axialis.


Thanks for this great icon set.
With the new options to toggle icons using @icon: it would be really nice to have some more extra icons for things that can be toggled On/Off like viewpaneoff, metapaneoff, hidesystem, hidehidden and so on. I'd suggest to add these also to the default icon set.

v2.0: Directory Opus 11 Icons added!

Chris, question - can these icon sets actually change mini icons like the padlock and 'PC' icons shown in Lister Tabs?

If so can you add those to the set when time permits?

No, Icon sets can only change the toolbar icons.

Damn a pity that as without those smaller icons changing the effect is (slightly) reduced.

Thanks for this great work! :thumbsup:

Very nice

Nice work! These look great.

I especially like the back, forward, up, and favorite buttons. The stock glassy ones looked off to me. :slight_smile:

[quote="Cris"]v2.0: Directory Opus 11 Icons added!

Hi Cris, Thanks for these icons, (and the default ones).
I found an Easter egg, The swapsourcedest_horz and swapsourcedest_vert are swapped/backwards in the basic set.

As an aside, I was creating a button the other day Link to post, and copied then modified one of your buttons. Hope you don't mind. Please let me know if this is a problem.

Thanks again for the icons.

Thanks, Fixed!

No problem

This is such a great icon set, thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

I LOVE these icons, TY. :thumbsup: Is there a way to get DO to use the drive icons from this set instead of the regular Windows drive icons? I have the "Drive Buttons" toolbar added and when in Customize mode it shows the placeholder one's from the set, but once ot of Customize mode, the normal Windows drive icons show instead.

Also, It'd be awesome (if possible) to have an "extended set" of icons, that have things like the usual Social Network icons, ereader icons (like B&N Nook, Kindle, generic eReader/eBook, etc.), Generic Android icons, things like that. :slight_smile: