Drive Buttons in new File Display Toolbar

I'm trying to use Drive Buttons in the File Display Toolbar and have each drive listed as a drive letter only or use images that have the letter in the icon (like Cris's icons or Leo's icons). All I ever get are the default icons.

Any way I can list the drive letters (using labels or icons)?

I should add. It seems to ignore both "Show Image" and "Show Label" options.

The File Display toolbar has Labels = Off for the whole toolbar, by default. You can change it via Settings -> Customize, select the File Display toolbar, then use the drop-downs on the right.

If you still don't get labels, the command to build the drive buttons might have the "nolabels" argument in it.

Sorry for the post. I got it working after reading someone else's post and Jon pointing out that the File Display Toolbar has it's own toolbar settings under Customize -> Toolbars.

Just had to change the toolbar's "Image State" and "Label State" to "Defaults" instead of On/Off. Now each button is acting on it's own settings.


EDIT: And I see Leo just answered. Thanks for the quick reply, Leo! Sorry for wasting your time.