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Directory Opus BASIC Icons v2.0 - 592 new flat Win8 icons!


Unfortunately it looks like the icon author doesn't monitor this thread anymore :frowning: , But maybe someone else might know; are these icons also available in separate form (as individual icons) instead of in a single icon sheet? I'd love to be able to use them in other areas of my Windows programs.


I think Cris is still around. He joined in 2006, and last posted in here about a month back. Only Cris would have the images in another format. You could manually pull out the ones you want
Regarding other icons have you see this post S-DOX II Additional Icon Set (177 icons) Attachment(s) by Sasa.


I'm still around :wink:

As far as I know, Opus uses the regular Windows drive icons for the Drive Buttons toolbar, but you could create your own drive buttons?

Unfortunately I don't have enough time at the moment to add more icons ...

This set is only available as a single icon sheet


You can assign icons to drives in Windows like this: HDD Letter Icons. Opus will then use them in "Go drivebuttons" etc.


Very nicely done, thank you very much :slight_smile:


I just found these icons and love them so much! Thank you Cris!


Thank you. I'm confuse though, it say 592 new icon but DOpus say "296"


296 icons, each with two sizes (small+large) = 592 total.


That make sense. But the maths don't add up. Having size consider as icon is rather confusing too.

I been using this set for a few days and really like it. It is just too bad there will be no longer any plan to update it.


296 + 296 = 592

Adds up as far as I can tell.


Thanx for this! Looks great inside windows 10 :slight_smile:


This looks great on Windows 10.
Now if the gradient of Folder tree bar and disk space should be flat too..
Anyways to do that?


Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: gloss_and_gradients


ah great!! you guys have thought about every options to make it the most customizable app. Cheers :thumbsup:

How can I make the disk space bar unicolor?


This thread about an icon set is the wrong place to ask. :slight_smile: The manual (accessible from the help button, top-right in Preferences) has a page devoted to status bar graphs but if you can't find it or still have questions after reading it, please start a Help & Support thread.


Since i have a 4K-Monitor, i would like to have this set with larger icons in 64x64 pixel. Cris, can you please create such a set? Otherwise the DOpusBasicV2-large.png with 64px x 64 px icons would be fine.

As long as the high resolution images doesn't exist i have crated a package for 4K-displays based on the 2.0 Basic set. It is scaled from the 32px images. Ii will maybe update it, when hr images from cris are available.



Greetings group.

My first post, although I've been a huge Dopus fan for years. But I came upon some tough financial times and haven't been able to upgrade for some years now. Just got V 11.17 awhile back and my has it has gone through a lot of changes. I'm having to learn it all over again.
This post with the Icon package was the first thing I saw when I logged in, and I have to ask how to install it on Dir Opus so I have access to it... :blush:

I have several hundred icons that I've collected over the years. I'd like to see them turned into an icon package. That task would not be done by me anytime soon. Maybe one day I'll have time to go through all of them and put the good ones in a zip file. Any volunteers could have full rights to the icons I've collected.

Anyway, I'm anxious to learn how to install that pack so I can see what you're all whooping about.
I'll be talking to you on the boards.



Hi ckbme..

[ul][li] Simply download the Zip file in the first post, unpack it. You should have a DOpusBasic.dis file available then.[/li]
[li] Go to DOpus and select the Settings -> Preferences menu item.[/li]
[li] Do a search in the filter box for icons. This should by default then show the icon sets list.[/li]
[li] Click on the disk icon with a green arrow (import) above the icon sets already installed.[/li]
[li] Select the DOpusBasic.dis file you unpacked in step 1[/li]
[li] If not the top item once imported, select the Directory Opus Basic icon set and use the up arrow icon to move it to the top.[/li]
[li] Click OK to close the preferences window[/li]
[li] Do the I did it!™ dance and be happy with your new icon set :smiley:[/li][/ul]




Thanks Nordstern


I've created a high res version for Opus 12 ... :slight_smile: