Directory Opus BWC Power Icons

Directory Opus Chrome Power Icons

This icon set doesn't replace any standard icons and instead just adds new ones.

To add these icons to your Directory Opus Configuration:

  1. Download the attached .zip file
  2. Extract BWC-power.dis
  3. In Directory Opus, open Settings Menu - Preferences
  4. In Preferences, goto Display - Toolbar Icons
  5. Click on the Import button (disk with up arrow), or press +
  6. Browse to and select the BWC-power.dis file, and click Open

The Icons look much better if you disable the highlighting effect:

  • Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Display -> Toolbars
  • Set Image highlighting effect to None (182 KB)

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Thanks a lot, very nice set ! :slight_smile:

Does this switch (or addition) work at all with x64? I've imported the set, chosen it, and they never showed.

This icon set doesn't replace any existing icons; it adds new icons. To use it you have to edit individual buttons/menus to make them use the new icons.

Hi Leo. Yes, I understood that this nice icon set is an addition, not a replacement (after all they are only 44 icons). The point is that I've ried to edit some of the buttons I've created to launch some of the apps I use most frequently (you'll remember also the MP3Tag one you so kindly made for us), but I really can't find a way to replace some less than stellar icons (the Move To and Copy To in particular which look quite pedestrian).

I'll do some more investigating on this. However it would seem that the replacement of one button by another should be fairly simple, but you know already that I have a "gift" to ignore the obvious.

Nevermind Leo. I got it. It was very easy. I always try to make things more complicated than they really are.

Hi SigmaTau,

These are some great icons, but I have a request.
The square "PowerOff" button is great looking, is it possible to add on for "Restart System" too ?

Thanks for these nice buttons !