Directory Opus crashes upon frequent refreshes from smb

When refreshing a smb folder frequently Directory Opus crashes with error 0xC00000FD. See screenshot. File Explorer does not exhibit this behavior.

I too have this constantly since I started using V11. Tried everything to no avail. Very annoying.


Please try the suggestions in Crash, exit or high CPU usage when viewing certain directories.

If there are crash dumps, you can also email them to me at

If you use ShellExView to disable CloudStation\iconoverlay_v7\IconOverlayDLLs_x64\iconOverlay.dll and any related shell extensions/DLLs, then reboot, does the problem remain?

Hi Leo,

I tried this and it does improve things but still gives me the occasional crash when browsing network folders which aren't part of CloudStation. Now that I disabled the overlay this has also disabled my Right Click to share option for CloudStation. I have no problems with Windows Explorer just Opus.