Directory Opus Differences in Factory Settings vs Current Settings


I have been using Directory Opus from 2009 onward and only now have started customizing it more and more.

However, over the years, I have been saving some few customization here and there and which I do not even remember now of all those.

e.g. I just found that I have saved a Lister Layout years ago and do not even know what changes are there in it compared to current settings. I came to know it exists when I stumbled upon it while looking at Preferences in Layout.

Similarly, some other settings like max_md5_file_size I always used to set to 0 to ensure that the full file MD5 is calculated instead of default of first few bytes.

I know that when I browse setting by setting, it shows in Bold if setting is different from factory default for some settings but that does not help me much as I have first to know what to look for and where.

I want to know if there is any way to export to a text file or somehow tell me only all the differences in my current Directory Opus settings wherever they might be saved, if they are different from Directory Opus Factory Default settings.

Thanking in advance,


There isn't a good way to do that, at least in general. (For some settings it's easier than others.)

With Preferences settings, you can always take a screenshot of the page and then reset that page to defaults and compare it to what you had before.

Settings are almost always stored in text/xml format, but many use numeric values for flags (bitfields packing multiple on/off options into a single large number), so they aren't easy to read by hand.