Directory Opus doesn't use its internal copy feature when copying files to Android phone

I am trying to copy hundreds of mp3 files from my PC to an Android phone. Some of these files already exist in the destination folder. So I get the prompt below and if I check the 'Do this for all conflicts', nothing gets copied. I have experienced this 'bug' like forever. Directory Opus does bring up its own conflict prompt when copying between folders on the PC but it doesn't when the destination folder is in a phone. Is this a limitation in Directory Opus or Windows? I tried another copy handler and I get the same result. Although I remember using a copy handler that was able to skip existing files but I can't remember which one it was.


That dialog comes from Windows, which shows you're not using Opus to copy the files at all. Possibly Opus is hosting Explorer to show the phone contents, but it's not Opus in charge of the copy operation.

The copy operation was initiated inside Opus. The question is why isn't Opus doing the copying instead of Windows? Why is Opus letting Windows do the copy?
All the files whether the PC or the phone were shown inside Opus.

If your view of the phone is a hosted Explorer instance, and you initiate the copy via drag & drop to that instance, it's Explorer that handles the copy.

I am selecting the files and then right clicking on the phone's folder in the folder tree and selecting paste. Explorer shouldn't be involved.
Also why would Explorer be hosted in Opus and how do I know if Explorer is being hosted?

If the device isn't mounted as a real filesystem, it may be displayed via the Windows Shell's virtual folder mechanism, in which case Windows takes over most of the display and handling of what's in the folder.

With an Android device in Opus, this may also depend on if the advanced mtp_enable setting has been changed. See MTP and transferring files with Android and iOS phones, Cameras which also recommends using FTP or SFTP instead of other methods of accessing Android devices; those will always use Opus's own copy functionality, and are often more reliable as well, and allow transfers over wifi without having to plug in a USB cable.

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