Directory Opus features on 64bit OS/Quad core processors

I have set the MD5 file size limit variable to 0 to enable Directory Opus to compute MD5 for ALL files.

I want to know whether Directory Opus uses all the four cores in a quad core processor (particularly in CPU intensive operations such as MD5 calculations) and whether the x64 version takes advantage of any additional x64 features.

I am in process of identifying large, duplicate files (particularly videos) across my internal (one) and external (bunch of them) hard disks and hence this question to see if I can identify these files faster by utilizing any special features / options of Directory Opus.

Opus uses multiple threads/cores for many operations (usually using one core/thread per file, rather than multiple cores/threads for a single file) but I don't think MD5 is one of them.

In my experience MD5 is more disk bound than CPU bound. i.e. Most of the time is down to reading the file contents from disk.