Directory Opus file and folder deletion window

I wanted to ask about the appearance of windows when deleting.
I have the following settings:

When you delete a file, one window appears.
When you delete a folder, two windows appear at once.

So it should be?
I thought that at the beginning one window should appear.
After clicking on the delete button, a second window will appear with the removal process.

Something no one answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can't reproduce this in 12.19.6 beta, but it doesn't look like a problem either, as long as the delayed progress dialog isn't appearing on top of the confirmation prompt.

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I shot a video, look.
There is one window on files, there are always two on folders.

Look at the video at the very end when deleting New
There one window appears, and after confirmation a second window appears.
And then look at deleting the folder, there immediately two windows appear.
Here is another video made.

What kind of window, in which upper part? When deleting folders, only two windows appear regardless of the choice of deletion, safe or to the trash.