Directory Opus Forgetting Pathbar Location

Directory Opus has started to forget the position of the Pathbar Toolbar.
I have it set at the top and I lock the Toolbars, but every now and then when I open Directory Opus, the Pathbar Toolbar is down at the bottom.
Also, when the Pathbar Toolbar moves to the bottom, the Drives Toolbar disappears altogether which requires me re-locate the Pathbar Toolbar and re-enable the Drives Toolbar.

Please type /dopusdata/ConfigFiles into the path bar in Opus, find toolbars.oxc, open it in a text editor and paste the contents into a reply.

Are you doing anything that might reset that file to the defaults?

I don't know what is causing it, but it started happening about the same time that the internal image viewer started taking over my image files. See my post here for details.

Here is the contents of toolbars.oxc.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> ListerMenu.dop Toolbar.dop Tabbar.dop Pathbar.dop

Is that the whole thing? It seems to be missing the last few lines.

Yes, that is it.

Seems like something is causing Opus's configuration files to get truncated sometimes on your machine, which would explain both problems you've seen.

My guess would be anti-virus, since that can insert itself between the app and the filesystem, but it's just a guess. Which a/v tool/version are you using, if any?

Might also be worth running Check Disk (drive -> Properties -> Tools -> Error-checking) on the drive in case it has filesystem errors.

I am running Avira AntiVir.