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Directory Opus has been unstable every day forcing me to restart often

Lately OP 12.12 has become unstable. It works for a few minutes and then it becomes unstable. I have to restart multiple times every day. My favorites shortcuts don't work anymore. I can't navigate to folders. After I close OP, I get the window shown below. This confirms that OP is not stable. I uninstalled OP. Deleted the folder, restarted Windows and reinstalled it. Restored my settings. Same problem.


Crashes may be caused by problems in Opus itself or in third party shell extensions which get loaded into the Opus process.

They are often triggered by particular files or file types, which can help to narrow down where the problem is.

If you link your account and send us any crash dumps which have been created, we can often use those to determine where the problem is, and whether it's a bug in Opus or caused by a third-party shell extension:

If it's a bug in Opus, we should be able to provide a workaround in the short term and a fix in the next update.

For problems caused by shell extensions, these two guides can also help: