Directory Opus has encountered a program error

I am OPUS 10 user. Since a few days I receive the following message when starting OPUS:

"Directory Opus has encountered a program error and needs to close. ...
The error 0xC0000005 occurred in thread 0xD14 at address 0x03F9377A ....

This happens whenever I work with OPUS. OPUS loads again. It then works before it breaks down again.

Pls. let me know how to solve this problem.



Try these guides, as applicable, for the best suggestions on tracking down the cause of the crash (usually a shell extension or video codec). They come from the "Other Troubleshooting" section of the Opus FAQs.

[ul][li]Crash, exit or high CPU usage when viewing certain directories[/li]
[li]Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files[/li]
[li]Crash dumps for bug reports (try the other things first; and you'll also need to link your account if you want us to look at them)[/li]
[li]High CPU usage or other problems with AVI files[/li]
[li]General slowdown or instability investigation steps[/li][/ul]

Thanks very much for this, Leo.

Unfortunately I am not very "computer-literate". I don't know what a "shell extension" or a "video-codec" is. Also I don't fully understand what is behind your 6 bullets.

Probably I have to wait until a fool-proof version of OPUS 10 will be available. Until then I will have to use another file manager.



The problem is almost certainly a 3rd party component crashing inside of Opus, which is largely outside our control. It's the component that will need to be fixed (by its authors) or blocked/removed (by you, if you choose), but first you have to narrow things down to which component is triggering the problem.

The best way to start is to see if you still get problems when pointing Opus at an empty directory. If you don't, then one of the files in the directory you were poiinting at was probably triggering the problem, and something you have installed for working with that type of file is probably the root cause.