Directory Opus - High DPI Displays

Hello all,

Is there a way to setup DOpus for two different display types? My laptop is connected most of the time to a 27" monitor, which has resolution of 2560x1440. My laptop display supports 4K. I would love to have two options to setup DOpus up for, so it cuts down the headache of having to re-size each time I go back and forth. Make sense?


You shouldn't normally have to do anything special. DPI scaling is automatic in Opus 12, and any saved window sizes and positions are also scaled.

However, you will have to reboot the laptop after plugging/unplugging the monitor if you want the system DPI to change (until which time, things will be scaled from the old DPI to the new one, which looks bad). That's a limitation of Windows.

Note that it's the primary monitor which defines system DPI, which most DPI-aware software will target; things can still be scaled (up or down) when moved to the other monitor if it is at a different DPI.

Windows also has a lot of bugs at the moment if you have two or monitors enabled at the same time with different DPIs. Most of them are cosmetic but some affect usability, such as windows being scaled to the DPI of the wrong monitor in some situations, due to the OS getting confused. High DPI support is reasonable mature in Windows now, but mixed DPI support is still very much evolving, unfortunately.

It seems the problem occurs when going from the 27" monitor to the 15" laptop monitor. The laptop monitor has the higher DPI and DOpus opens up compressed and I have to re-size.

Is the higher DPI screen actually set to use a higher DPI in Windows?

If the laptop is 15" and 4k, you'd want at least 200% scaling:

Ok here is what I have. The first screenshot is when I am in laptop mode:

When I open DOpus the Lister is not centered on my screen and takes up the entire area of the screen, making me have to re-size:

When I go back to my 27" monitor the Lister is centered, as that is how I setup the default Lister:

Here are the options when I am in 27" monitor mode:

I have dual monitors when I am in monitor mode and monitor 3 is the 27" monitor. Is what I am seeing normal? Ideally I would like the Lister to be centered and proportional when I am in laptop mode, as it is in 27" monitor mode. Yes I am shutting down and rebooting in between.

That makes sense now. Thanks for the screenshots and details!

The 15" at 250% means it has less effective space (for lack of a better term) than the 27" at 100%.

If the Opus window size is saved on the 27" 100% screen, then loaded on the 15" 250% screen, the position and size will be scaled by 2.5x, but that means things toward the bottom/right of the 27" will go off the edges of the 15". (Because the scaling factors are not proportional to the number of pixels on each screen.)

If you turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Always over the mouse pointer then the window will no longer go off the side of the screen, and instead will open near the mouse pointer while being kept completely on-screen (unless it's larger than the screen allows).

That may be all you need to do to make things comfortable. On the other hand, if you want more fine tuned control, you might find the AreaCommand script add-in I wrote useful. It lets you run different commands when the mouse pointer is on different screens (or in different parts of a screen). So you could make desktop double-click open a different layouts for each screen, or you could make it run a command that opens the default lister but override the size of it.

e.g. Go New=200,100,1500,1000 opens a window at 200,100 which is 1500x1000.

Thanks for checking into this. I have enabled Always Over the Mouse Pointer but I am curious about one thing. As you can see I have my laptop monitor setup at 250%. Am I better off in reducing it, to say 200%. I am not concerned about the maximum DPI on the laptop's monitor. I would prefer the laptop monitor and the 27" monitor being operated as close as possible.

It depends what native resolution the laptop monitor is, but yes 200% would probably give you an effective size that's closer to the 27".

Yes I made the change to 200% and it is much better. Going to leave it at that. Now I have to just adjust where dialogs open for other apps and I should be good to go...thanks for the assist!