Directory Opus History

I have been reading the FAQ carefully in the past few days.
I have read about half of the posts in that category and have learned a few things.
I enjoyed the debug context menu post immensely even though I still haven't solved a few things such as eliminating Microsoft's 'Send to Bluetooth', but no matter. I knew part of it years ago, but it was good to see the modern refresher FAQ version.

I have downloaded all 3 Microsoft Debug Tools and have them ready to use.

Perhaps it may be a good time to start moving some things to a new Directory Opus category.
A category named 'Directory Opus Museum' or 'Directory Opus Historical Interest' or something British English similar could eliminate much congestion and possible confusion in the FAQ and probably Tutorial categories.

I know it is next to impossible to separate the entire forum this way, but some of this is ripe for such a change. Consider this FAQ post for instance.
It goes back to two of our frequent posters' early days using Directory Opus and includes a next to extinct link.