Directory Opus icon changed to blue!

Hi everyone,

I have tried Directory Opus (DO) for a while. Everything is good and I love it so much :smiley: !

However, just from yesterday, the icon of DO on the taskbar changed to blue whenever I run it and it haven't changed back to yellow yet.

If I pin it to taskbar, it turns back to yellow. If I unpin it, it becomes blue again. I tried to clear the Icon Cache with no result.

This is not a problem with me, everything is just fine. I'm just curious about the meaning of these colors in DO.
Because normally I see the yellow icon. Sometimes I see red icon and blue icon :open_mouth: .

Thank you :slight_smile: !

The icon is blue (by default) for dual-display windows. You can change the colour under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts: File display icon.

When you pin a program to the taskbar Windows uses the program's icon instead of an individual window's icon.

Thank a lot for the solution :smiley: !

However, I still don't understand why it suddenly change to blue. Because I have used it for 3 days and it was yellow all the time (I always use dual view and haven't changed anything in the preferences). I thought that there was something wrong with my system :open_mouth: !

One again, thank a lot :smiley: !

The window icon for a dual-display window will always have been blue.

Which icon the Windows taskbar displays is down to its rules, not decided by us. It'll be something to do with the program being pinned or unpinned, or the number (or order) of Opus windows you had open, or something like that. It's not worth worrying about.

I'm posting here as this deals directly with my question but it is not the answer I'm looking for. :slight_smile:

I am always using the dual pane lister (now in versions 11) and the yellow taskbar icon is not consistent with the window icon (blue). I can understand why some people want the taskbar icon to always be yellow BUT, for the way I use Dopus, it's an inconsistency. I also have an issue of having too many yellow-ish taskbar icons.

Could we have the option of choosing the standard coloured icon OR the one used by the deafult lister? If that doesn't make sense, then could we choose the colour of our taskbar icon in a preference setting, please.

This isn't really about Opus, but the Windows 7 (and above) taskbar when in Grouped mode. It will use the program's main icon for the group, which makes sense if you think about it.

You can switch the taskbar to ungrouped mode if you want icons which represent individual windows.

You can also edit pinned taskbar buttons via right-click, Properties, which lets you assign any icon you like to them. You can make the icon blue that way if you wish.

(None of this is specific to Opus. You can do this for any program on the taskbar.)

Thanks, Leo. You are a font of knowledge. I'll work with what you've told me. It had always looked to me as if GPSoft had changed it but it was simply that I had moved to Windows 7.

I've now found a trick to change the Dopus taskbar icon.

  1. Make a shortcut to the Dopus exe file.
  2. Go to Properties of the shortcut file and use the Change Icon function to change the icon used for the shortcut.
  3. Drag the shortcut to the task bar. When you do this, that icon is 'pinned'.
  4. Make sure the taskbar icons are 'grouped'.

Now clicking on the the new Dopus icon opens Dopus. If further windows are opened, they are grouped under the one icon, the new one fore Dopus.

This trick is no use if you don't group taskbar icons, but perfect if you do.

One remaining question, Leo. Where can I get a copy of the blue Dopus window icon?


You don't need to create a shortcut, you can edit the pinned taskbar icon directly via right-click, Properties (and then Change Icon). That's what I was describing above. (Same result in the end, though, so if you have something that works then there's no need to re-do it. But if you need to do it again, you can skip making the extra shortcut.)

Hmm, AFAIK there isn't a blue Opus icon anywhere that you can use without re-coloring an existing icon. The one Opus displays is re-colored as needed according to the colors chosen in Preferences.

Thanks Leo, very helpful as always.

Leo, Now I realise why I didn't follow your initial advice: When I right-click on my taskbar D'OPus icon, there is NO Properties command. Any idea why?

My mistake: I missed a step in my instructions. You have to right-click twice, like so:

Thanks, Leo. All good now.