Directory Opus Keeps Forgetting Network Username & Password

Even though I tick the box for Directory Opus to remember my network username and password, it keeps forgetting, and I have to re-enter the username and password every time I browse a shared folder on another computer.
If I just use Explorer, Explorer remembers.

The credentials prompt actually comes from Windows rather than Opus, so it's odd that it is behaving differently in Opus and Explorer.

What kind of network drive is it? Is it a Windows server or something else? (Linux / NAS / etc.)

Are you browsing to it via the UNC path (\server\share) or via a mapped driver letter? What happens if you do the opposite?

It is just a shared folder on another Windows 7 computer.
I just browse to it via the Network icon on the tree.

If you map a drive letter to it, does it then work okay?

Do you run CCleaner? If so, make sure the 'Network Passwords' option is unchecked.

I don't use CCleaner or any other cleaner.
I don't usually map a drive, but I can try that.

Strange how it doesn't happen on my other computer browsing to a shared folder.